HP 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Business Notebook

Yeah, specificity should be discussed concerning removing bloatware using powershell, what procedure(s) does one use?

I’ve never bought a laptop on Woot - are these refurbs? How are the batteries typically?

I’ve been burnt buying used/refurb laptops before with nearly useless batteries that cost almost as much as the laptop to replace.

Is there room to add a second
hard drive?

These are new laptops, not refurbished.

I agree with the which one, and was it really “new”?

My experience: Bought an open box (which usually, to me anyway, means new, but opened) Lenovo, which I received 13 days ago. It was really refurbished. Good news: Lenovo customer service is not bad to work with at all.
Good news: Lenovo offers one free download of the recovery image that you can use to create a recovery usb stick.
Good news: Lenovo honors the original warranty even when the laptop has been refurbished and resold.

Bad news: Laptop came with a touch screen that didn’t work.
Bad news: It was a driver issue I couldn’t fix without reinstalling Windows (don’t install Windows 10 on a ThinkPad 11e unless you have a Lenovo image for it, if you like working touch screens).
Bad news: Company that refurbished the laptop used a clean Windows 10 install (complete with Windows Product Key sticker on the back that said Windows 10 Pro for Refurbished PCs… didn’t know such a license type existed). Sounds great, but is the reason for the whole problem.

Back up to the good news, I have the real Lenovo Windows 10 installation it should have had, cost me nothing but some time (more time than it had to, because I didn’t make all the best moves trying to fix it) and possibly another hair or two turning white, but not quite two weeks later I have a fully functional laptop that cost me a fraction of what a new one would have. If you’re looking for a deal and can afford a little bit of time to call the manufacturer, and let them honor their warranty. It’s a decent trade-off for the good prices you get here.

It seemed promising at first glace, but a hard drive that small is ridiculously tiny compared to the fact that I have flash drives with 10 times more space that. Definitely a deal breaker. However, if you do insist on getting this, I highly recommend purchasing an external hard drive.

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I have bought more than one computer from Woot with no regrets, so while it’s always possible to have a bad experience, my personal history with Woot is positive and the two times I got less than what was advertised, it was properly addressed; and those were not computers.

This particular offering is a classic example of making sure you know what your needs are before making a purchase. For the great majority of home users that are going to use this to answer e-mails, surf the internet, and perhaps use Office products, this will likely serve you very well at a nice price point. If you have any concerns about “space” to store your data, 128GB may fall short. If you want a full HD display, this one falls short with a resolution of 1366 x 768 rather than 1920 x 1080 (although if you have failing vision, this lower resolution may be better for you!). If you perform processor-heavy tasks, consider an Intel I-Core processor instead of the AMD offered here.

The big plus for this laptop is the memory. 8GB is generous.

I am shopping for a replacement for my Vostro 1000 (2GB, 80 GB) for general internet surfing and Office. I, obviously, like to keep my machines a long time. I was looking at:


Comments, please, about the Asus and the HP in this Woot.


Personally, I like the HP offering here over the Asus alternative you’re looking at (although other opinions may differ). The only advantage I see on the HP is the larger storage space, but that 500GB will be notably slower than the SSD drive on this one. I don’t know if the HD is swap-able in the HP here, but if it is, and storage is a concern, you can always upgrade that component.

Thanks. I seem to be currently using only 22GB of my 80GB HHD. I am running Ubuntu, but plan to use Windows on the new computer…until the version of Windows is no longer supported. My machine came with XP.

My Dell is fine-but-slow; I would, however, like to retire it before it croaks.

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As fly swatter mentioned, youd benefit greatly from the SSD boot speed. Also that small drive might suffice on *nix, but Windows is definitely a hog. The OS itself is generally about 6 gb. Windows.edb (search index file) can explode from 2 to 50GB through general use. Pagefile and hiberfil can be fill couple of gigs. Memory dumps logs add up as well.

From general productive use on windows, you can use a ton of harddrive space. Unless you’re in the habit of running cleanmgr.exe frequently, disabling hibernation, and disabling search indexer…spring for the decent size SSD.