HP 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Business Notebook

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HP 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Business Notebook
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Although this is an AMD laptop, which are traditionally crap in my opinion, it is around double the CPU performance and quadruple the GPU performance of the Celeron N2940 Yoga 11e. The R4 GPU in this is equivalent to a Radeon HD 7470M or an Intel HD 5500.

The N2940 I don’t believe supports dual channel mode (and most implementations are a single DIMM anyway) so that hits performance pretty hard as well, but mostly, again, GPU performance since its memory bandwidth is cut in half. Lastly, the memory bus runs 1600MHz DDR3L and I’m pretty sure the N2940 caps out at 1333, again, hitting memory throughput hard.

Additionally, the Broadcom 802.11AC card in the HP is significantly faster than the Realtek 1x1 N card in the Yoga 11e. The rest is a wash, such as the SSD’s are both SATA-3 interfaces (neither are PCIe or anything exotic) and both are 768p PVA/IPS displays (neither are TN but both are low-res.)

The real problems with the HP are it’s obviously bulkier, the trackpad needs fine tuning (update the drivers…even the system BIOS) and it has, in typical budget PC fashion, tons of bloatware.

If portability isn’t a factor the HP is a significantly better machine. If you seek something for a backpack with decent battery life the Yoga is a more forgiving PC with the power sipping Baytrail CPU and smaller screen.

In my experience, HP laptops are also incredibly reliable, surviving more abuse, so they are more appropriate for students than Ideapad products.

This PC will not join a business domain because it runs Windows 10 HOME. I’m a long time Woot! fan but it is downright sneaky of them to deliberately hide the Windows version in the specs. Anyone who tries to use this at an office will immediately be spending more money to upgrade the operating system.

First of all, don’t buy a $300 bargain basement PC to do business tasks on. Anything mission critical should be done on an Elitebook, Thinkpad, Latitude\XPS, etc.

Second, it is clearly in the specs Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Third, as if it wasn’t obvious, the HEADLINE says Win10H. I’m sure you can guess what the H stands for.

Lastly, this machine lacks vPro, TPM and it isn’t even an Intel platform. Most IT departments and domain schema don’t even have the tools to manage a machine like this. Whatever you are looking to get from a domain, you can likely do with mapped drives in the user profile, still connect to SQL/Exchange databases, and so on.

I mean, it’s a brand new $300 PC. What brand new $300 PC comes with Windows 10 Pro? That OS alone costs $200 retail.

My bad, I thought the headline, in bold, says Business Notebook. Think about it, you and I know computers pretty well or we wouldn’t be having this exchange, 80% of the other people have no freaking clue that 10H means Home and that it won’t run on a domain. And yes those 80% probably won’t read or understand the specs. And yes small business owners can be cheap, that’s partially why they’re successful, and they will buy a bargain ‘business’ PC if they think they see a deal. Think about the people, the non-tech people, they have no idea.

How would this do with some linux in its life? I’ve heard AMD processors are more iffy than Intel with linux but my old Compaq with an AMD chip does well (with Libuntu atleast).

You have no idea what OEM makers pay for the OS. It most cases it is $0 and up to $15 with Office 365 included as a trial.

Microsoft makes their money off of Bing, Skype, Outlook and other product licensing and support.

For $300, this is a great deal; forget the software, that’s moot, I’m comparing it to the $200 one I bought last Christmas… it’s slightly faster, has the extra 4gb of ram I paid for separately, and has the larger screen (4 inches counts, ask any woman).

…and that one runs better than expected. Wish I was in the market for one, I’d definitely pick this up.

Have had this model since it was introduced, had Win 7, which was better for this than Win 10, because I lost face and finger recognition when I upgraded, and some browsers do not work well with Win 10. Otherwise, my 2nd favorite laptop, and has survived many drops, in which I usually have to open the machine and plug in the hard drive, no biggie, Get it.

I like this one better, https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/HP-Notebook-15-ay091ms-Signature-Edition-Laptop/productID.2855526900

With a much faster skylake I3, DDR4 memory, and a touchscreen, it’s only about $25 more if you’re a microsoft rewards member.

So what if I throw photoshop on this and do some photo editing? Will this work?

That’s a full 100 dollars more for me actually…

Not if you aren’t lazy. Sign up is free and 20% off now for anyone that is a member. Sign up, add to cart and BOOM! $319

HD though is not an SSD. It is a 1TB 5400 RPM HDD
And the wireless isn’t AC either

Although touchscreen and Intel processor (even though an i3)…hmmm

I’m writing this msg on a similar Woot/AMD/HP laptop acquired earlier this year that was immediately converted to Linux and all is well! Haven’t even activated the Win10 it was afflicted with at the factory…

Anyone here know what happened to the old woot page where you could see all kinds of deals posted by users and others? I can’t seem to find it anymore! I thought it used to be on the sellout page but haven’t seen it in forever.

I bought the thinkpad 11e 3rd gen for my son recently for ~$350 with the same i3-6100U processor. It’s way better than the quad core AMD version. That said, I wish the HP that I linked to was available at the time because I’d choose that for $320 in a heartbeat. That said, neither of these laptops are for me personally. But for an average user looking for an laptop to surf the web, check email, etc. I dont think you can beat if for around $300.

Details about the Deals.Woot page here.

Woot closed it down.