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I’d buy it if not if not for the beats logos everywhere. Too disgustingly garish

Is this product recall for the power cord anything to be concerned about?


My wife went on line, it showed the models to be replaced and she got a new cord in less than a week. I expect these have been checked already.

Suuure you would. 2 logos is not everywhere.

You make it sound like it’s not gonna attract attention because there’s “only 2”. Well considering the one on the bottom covers the majority of it and the one on the front is larger than either hp logo, ya no thanks I’d rather not get a laptop that screams beats

the laptop itself is not half bad though

I agree with the original post. Not a bad loptop. Too bad they stuck that silly logo all over it.

6 lbs. (5.99 for you ARD types), and no bluetooth is a deal buster.

Seriously. But has this been confirmed?

I know I could just use one of those little BT pluggable dongles but it’s just one more thing to lose/break (and I also lose a USB port while it’s in use).

If this thing really is missing BT, deal is broken for me.

PS: The Beats logo is definitely a bit too tacky for my taste. Also remember that drawing needless attention to yourself (and your theft-worthy portable swag) can act as a ‘muggable worthy’ beacon.

any info on battery life?

No Bluetooth, you can check the specs tab for more… uh, more specs.

Such a solid APU with 1TB and 8GB of RAM but it’s on a display that kills heavy webpages and the windows snap feature because it has the generic low laptop resolution. I’d be in for one at 1080 or would at least consider it at 1600x900.

I just got this 2 weeks ago from HP and it’s going back… the touchpad is horrible, it’s to hard to navigate and really, who wants a touch screen laptop, it’s not like tablet where it’s sitting on your lap, you have to reach over the keypad so it’s not comfortable to use that way

not it’s a different adapter, much smaller than the old style

I just bought my daughter an under $300 Lenovo laptop that has enough horsepower to play Amnesia: The Dark Descent AND has Bluetooth. It should be as free as air or coffee at work.

I looked at this for to long then got distracted and now I missed the deal when I went back to buy it. Oh well.