HP 15.6" Beats SE Touchscreen Notebook

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PLEASE tell me the battery life of this laptop. 30 minutes?

Time to learn all about the processor and check out these solid reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at BestBuy.com

Beats? And the folks still are suckered into thinking that is a “feature?”

Are Beats a thing still?

For comparison’s sake: the CPU-side performance of this APU is actually significantly less than Intel’s most recent desktop Pentium chip, the G3258. If you’re doing anything CPU-intensive, this is NOT the laptop for you.

Does this model have Dual-Band WiFi?

I assume 1x1 802.11b/g/n WLAN = NO

Each newer version of windows is designed for you to hate it. I know I do. Won’t be purchasing a laptop until they fix the bad design, even though I need a laptop very badly.

You will love Windows 9!

sweet looking machine, just like me, smooth and fast!!!

If Woot has this one again, it might be worth your while @ $250 w/ Win7 Pro, eligible for a Free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

Have you tried the Chrome OS? Or Mac? Or Linux? Or just sticking with Windows 7 for several more years?

Aye! the best Windows is the one never made

I bought one of these new from Radio Shack a few months ago and what a piece of crap it was. I do not recommend it. Slow as could be and mousepad issues as well as a couple of other things. The Beats audio was horrible so don’t let that be a draw to you. Sent it in for repair, all they did was factory restore and send it back, which I’d already done 3 times. finally gave up and sold it on ebay for a $200 loss. DO NOT BUY

What will be your primary use?

Thanks the info I was looking for. Thanks dude!

This is perfect for grandma to play solitaire… The CPU is off the benchmark chart at the bottom, and Beats is junk. There is no way a subwoofer can be small enough to fit in a laptop. I have an HP DV6 with Beats subwoofer…and it is just a speaker with mediocre sound quality.

Haha, the laptop I bought in 2004 had a built-in subwoofer (granted it was about three times as thick as this one). It could easily get me in trouble after quiet hours in the dorm though. Woot’s timeline is not quite accurate.

Seeing as how those beats headphones are designed only for bass (because somehow some people think that bass is the only important component to music), I’m not surprised this has a built-in subwoofer.

After all, that’s all beats are … subwoofers.

Such incredible garbage.

That’s what She Said, Smooth and Fast. 20 seconds and he was done.