HP 15.6" Full-HD AMD A12 256G M.2 SSD Laptop

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So, if there’s an M.2 SSD in this, there’s also a space for a regular SSD hard drive, correct? Additionally, what is the maximum RAM that this will hold. And, if only this had a gigabit network card, it would be nearly perfect. Oh, and also if it was 17-inch instead of a 15-inch laptop. The full HD is ultimately what I’m looking for. That and it being a 17-inch.


Don’t hold my toes to this, but I saw where the machine could take up to 32GB, even if HP won’t ‘bless’ that much. This point made me consider it…

All in all, still a pretty decent amount of CPU power, RAM & screen (gwarsh, do I dislike the adverts that say “And an amazing HD screen” when it’s 1366x768! HD? Technically. Amazing? Not even close!) for the price point…

Hope this helps!

The memory controller in the processor is what determines how much ram it can support. Here is a link with a laptop using the same A12 processor and in the extended specs, it states it supports up to 32GB, so you should be able to do that.


Excuse me? It is clearly described as Full-HD, meaning that it is 1080p, not 720p. Are you saying that that’s a false claim, and that it’s only a “half HD” machine?

And why don’t people answer ALL of other people’s questions anymore? Is it because they only remember the last question they read? Hint: Will this unit take another hard drive?

Forgive me, I just finally noticed that one of you DID answer that question. Thanks!

I thought how much RAM a PC can take is also dependent upon the MOBO (aka, motherboard), and that sometimes the processor would take more RAM, but the MOBO won’t.

I bought an AMD A8 laptop, which some claimed would take 16gbs of RAM, and I tried it but it didn’t work (in an Acer machine that no doubt has an Acer MOBO in it).