HP 15.6" Full-HD Intel i5 Dual-Core Laptops

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Is this laptop dock-able with a HP docking station which was previously used with a HP Probook laptop?

Sorry, no docking port on these.

I bought a couple of the same laptop a few weeks ago for $100 less and they were brand new…only difference: AMD CPU instead of Intel. And the AMD was a quad core. So…a refurb with dual core Intel is going for over $100 more than a brand new AMD quad core. Granted the Intel speed is 2.3 vs AMD 2.0ghz


Pick the SSD. There is no reason to pick the mechanical hard drive. If storage space is your concern, buy an external drive.


The $100 price difference is there for a reason. The Intel chip is superior in every way.

Just because something is quad core does not mean it is faster. This is one example.

The architectural difference of the chips makes comparing them based on frequency alone meaningless.

This one also has a better Graphics chip with built-in memory and higher resolution.

The new one on amazon is $40 more.


But it comes with one year warranty.