HP 15.6" Intel Core i5 1TB SATA Touch Laptop

CPUBenchmark says this and the other similar deal (with 8 instead of 6GB RAM) have moderate CPUs. Considering this.


OTHER deal:

I’m looking for an inexpensive casual gaming laptop for my daughter with a touch screen. This seems to be pretty much what I’m looking for so if anyone has input I’d love to hear it!

Her main games are Minecraft, Roblox (internet based) and Steam games (these tend to be laggy on my older laptop).

As a non-staffer and speaking only on my own opinion, when it comes to non-gaming laptops, the GPU is usually the laggard when it comes to gaming.

That said, from this review …

… it would appear to be fine for now. How capable will it be for future games, though, I cannot say.