HP 15.6" Quad-Core TouchSmart Notebook

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HP 15.6" Quad-Core TouchSmart Notebook
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: (Tuesday, Jun 17 to Friday, Jun 20) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Good review (3.5 out of 5.0) over at computershopper.com and lets learn all about USB 3.0

CPU Benchmark

Always helpful when you post this information,thanks

Link to the Win 8.1 x64 Driver Downloads

and the Servicing Guide

Has anyone seen a better deal recently for 15 inch touch screen laptop, looks ok, but AMD processor does not look powerful

The price seems good and I’ve had great luck with Woot in the past. However, currently, their customer service is a BIG BLACK HOLE. BEWARE. Half of my most recent purchase was apparently shipped to someone in Georgia (I’m in NC)according to their own tracking data. I got 1 item in a box here a week ago, the second item was mis-shipped. 3 messages to customer service over the past week have gone unanswered. I can’t call since Woot doesn’t provide any phone support. So, BEWARE. The prices are great, but when things go south, you are out of luck.

Staples had a Gateway with 6 gb RAM and 750 gig HD for $380 last week. Current price is $511. One year warranty (doubles with credit card). My friend bought it and I’m going to help him with setup next week.

How do people come to know staples deals? looks good deal

Only a 4-cell battery. I would prefer 6 cell or more, and could do without the touch screen.

As for w00t customer service, I just returned a laptop (put in the mail on 5/27. Was refunded in full today, 6/12.

So, about two weeks, including mailing time and time for the w00t elves to do their testing on the machine. Not bad, was fearing worse but, pleased enough that I would consider another w00t laptop (would be my 4th).

Still looking for a laptop, was going to jump on this despite the extra cost for the touch screen, but the 4-cell battery killed it for me.

What was the reason for returning laptop, i also returned a Neato vacuum as it was advertised wrong on w00t

Defective (HP 17"). It would not boot up again after turning it off. I could get it to reboot by removing the battery and putting it back in, but it would not boot up again once I shut it down.
First two refurbs (Acer) I got from w00t worked great, got them as gifts for my kids. They were so nice, I wished I had bought one for myself.

I had fine service with woot. Received a 17" hp which was damaged in shipping. They arranged the return shipping and the refund was very quick.

1 TB hard drive?? wow!! Apple only goes up to 750 GB!

Depends on what you need it for. If you are using it for everyday use (email, web browsing, streaming video, etc.) pretty much anything from the last few years is fine.

If you are looking for heavy duty, CPU intensive applications (graphics, mathematics, video creation, etc) then Intel CPUs are your best bet. The AMD CPUs don’t work as well on this type of load.

Where the “A” series has it head and shoulders over the Intel CPUs is in graphics display - specifically if you want to use your laptop for gaming purposes. The built-in “video card” (as many reviews call it) in the AMD APU is significantly more powerful than Intel any of the Intel HD 4xxx graphics, and is about 33% faster than the HD 5000. I have a comparable laptop (a Dell), and run my games at 1600x900 at medium to medium-high, medium-low on seriously graphics-intensive games.

So - depending on what you want to do with it, the AMD CPU is either just as good as Intel CPUs, worse than Intel, or better than Intel at this price point.