HP 15.6" Quad-Core TouchSmart Sleekbook

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5 Star Review

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Before people piss and moan about Win8, this is a touchscreen. I have an Acer with an touch and Win8 and it is great. Takes getting used to because it’s new, but the touch screen and touch pad controls are pretty awesome.

Does anyone know the specific brand of wireless card? I bought a similar HP touchsmart that I had to return. It had a qualcomm Atheros in it and the card apparently had known issues. I really do not want to invest in another one.

In the video that lichme posted, Mobile TechReview says it has an Atheros wifi.

@lichme, thanks for the review post - anyone considering this laptop should watch it. Pretty thorough with +/-'s. The reviewed model did not have the touch screen like this woot but that shouldn’t affect the rest of the review.

Their summary: brainy netbook grown up. (Note no DVD drive but you can get an external Samsung for $25-30.)

Boycott 1366 x 768. Start a revolution.

Can you get a squaretrade warranty for this?

@tr522, click on the product title/description link at the top of this page next to Wootbot. You’ll find the answer prominently shown there.

@tr522: Apologies. I was viewing on a tablet that did not have flash and it showed there.

Woot: need to tweak the phone-optimized page to show Square Trade. Seems like the ST warranty would be a lot more important than how many were sold in whatever state. :wink:

Yes, there’s a link on the sale’s detail page. If you’re not seeing it, it’s probably because you’re on a device that doesn’t support Flash.

Doesn’t require flash - shows up perfectly without flash.

Thanks, it didn’t show on my phone!

I was about to get this but no DVD drive? I know you can get an external but that defeats the purpose of a notebook if you have to carry an external drive with you

Does this have a backlit keyboard?

can an optical device be added to this laptop

No backlit keyboard. We’ll note that in the specs if so.

Yeah, an external one (USB powered)

Thank you.

Hmm, anyone find info on installing linux/ubuntu on this?