HP 15.6" Star Wars Intel i7 Full-HD Laptop

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Windows 10 pro or home?

[MOD: Windows Home]

I’m not staff, but HP themselves cite Windows 10 Home.

I didn’t get this here, but I do have this laptop (it’s even a refurb) from a local microcenter purchase. I’m on it now.

LOVE IT. Mostly.

One big problem - look at the touchpad. It has no buttons. Hitting the lower part of the button on right or left is right or left clicking. This means your usual techniques for drag/drop will not work and it’s super frustrating. I typically table the thing and use a mouse - when I drag it with me and use the mousepad I occasionally break into tears.

But performance is pretty good otherwise and the silly case and sounds are a hoot. They did a good job - inexplicable about the mousepad though.

Seems to run win 10 glitch free.

no ssd, no deal.

I barfed a little when I saw it had a 5400rpm drive. Disgusting.

It comes with Windows Home. Sorry about that.

I’m highly tempted to grab this. Other than the HDD, everything on it seems like a step up (double the performance) of my Lenovo Thinkpad T410, but it’s also about twice as much as I spent for the Thinkpad.

100Mbps Ethernet is a no-no.

Why is that? It has 802.11ac which is pretty comparable and who wants to be wired…

I’m a little worried, It came in a box stating “Factory Refurbished”, when it was supposed to be reconditioned, not refurbished. It’s also missing a part.

I’m sorry your laptop arrived with a missing part! Please contact Customer Service to report the issue.