HP 15.6" Touchscreen A10 Quad-Core Laptop

WOOT sent the wrong laptop.I hope they aren’t trying to bait and switch? The one sent is 8gb ram,no touch screen only 500 GB HD and Intel i3.

Oh man, sorry for the mix-up! If you haven’t, please send support@woot.com a message with your order info. CS can check into your account and order details.

Hey woot,

How about providing those of us who were duped with a spec sheet on what we were actually sent versus a non-negotiated measly 17.7% discount (off of my total price paid). This laptop is sitting here in an unopened box as a Christmas gift, so I have no idea whats in there, so no idea if 17.7% is a fair discount or not. If the specs listed above are correct, then no thanks. Send us the specs of what we got, please?

What about an option where you actually step up and exchange what you sent us with something equal to (or better than) what we actually paid for? This would be a much better solution than giving me a tiny discount or the option of a huge headache of trying to find a replacement gift 9 days before Christmas. Great Christmas surprise, woot!

We have had a DOA tv that was a nightmare to return, and now this. I fear my wooting days are quickly drawing to a close.