HP 15" Full-HD Intel Core i7 1TB Touch Laptop

i7-6700hq actually has the intel hd 530 integrated graphics, not the hd 520 listed.

it’s a decent performance difference, since its both higher tdp/wattage (i7-xxxxU are ultra low voltage) and pairing with an actual quad core (and 8-threaded for the i7-hq series, i7-xxxxU series are dual core quad threaded) so thats good to point out also. you could do decent gaming and content creation work, video editing, 3d modeling, etc on this vs one with a U series 6th gen i5 or i7. those would suffer slow downs much sooner.

Checked with our team.

HP lists 520. Intel lists 530. While it’s almost a certainty that it has the better one, we’re going to leave it with the lesser just to be safe.