HP 15" Full-HD Intel i7 1TB Touch Laptop

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HP 15" Full-HD Intel i7 1TB Touch Laptop
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Passmark CPU Benchmark: 4335

Passmark GPU Benchmark: 764

All-around, a solid machine for everyday productivity and entertainment. The 1920x1080 IPS screen is especially nice to see for a 15" laptop.

The Achilles heel for this machine is that bog-slow 5400 RPM hard drive. The 1TB of space is nice, but if I were going to use this for a daily driver, I would replace the hard drive for an solid state drive (SSD). A budget 240GB SSD like the ADATA Premier SP550 would be a good fit, and you could place the 1TB hard drive in a external portable enclosure for bulk storage needs.

I got the 17" AMD A10 version a couple of months back, wirh nearly identical specs. Overall it is been working great!

Just a few comments. The HD is a bit pokey but boot times are not bad, especially with Windows 10. Only really bad when McCaffee (preinstalled) is scanning. I too would like to upgrade to SSD, but taking this beast apart will be difficult

Also, be aware that you may have to immediatly upgrade your Bios. I had problems with random wifi disconnections until applying that fix.

The dual core cpu means this is really an i5, not i7. I wonder if you can upgrade the CPU to a 6700 quad core?

Wait, why does that mean i5 instead of i7?

Nope, it is definitely an i7:

According to this it isn’t. He is saying that a quad core is better than a dual core (for multitasking). But not necessarily according to this link. as I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong). . .The i7 should use less battery than an i5 and a dual core with two virtual threads will be the same as a real quad core for many users.


A quad core is not necessarily better than a dual core. Depends what speed the processors are and what type of tasks you’re doing.

EX: Two of the computers I have at work, a dual core 3.8 ghz and a quad core 2.5 ghz. The dual core will outperform the quad all day long.

Negative - when it comes to mobile chips some i7 chips are dual core to save battery life.