HP 17.3" AMD Quad-Core 1TB SSHD Notebooks

I’m really disappointed in you, Woot. I recommended this deal to a friend and he bought it. Almost EVERY spec was wrong. It wasn’t an AMD, not 2 GHz, didn’t have 6GB of RAM (only 4), did NOT have a hybrid drive. It was purple, yes, but not even this model.

So my friend who tried buying from Woot for the first time got a substandard computer and while you’ll refund him on return, his time to drive to the US and the border fees he paid are gone.

This was not a minor mistake. It was such a blatant misrepresentation that you should be going out of your way to provide the unit that was ordered, or something with equivalent specs.

I won’t be recommending Woot any more, sadly.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.