HP 17.3" FHD Laptop (12GB RAM, 1TB Storage)

HP 17.3" FHD Laptop (12GB RAM, 1TB Storage)

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Will never understand the spinner hard drives in this (these) ,
They support Sata SSD’s and NVME M.2’s
I have set these these up for users that bought them at CostCo and first thing was the extra expenence of replacing the spinner with a NVMe…


Also Crucial states they will run 64 gigs Ram. which , again , makes one wonder why they keep mixing a 4 and 8 gig chip… that is a whole nother issue!!

I wouldn’t be surprised if HP had a surplus of hard drives to use up. Even so, including a small 128GB NVMe would have done wonders in shaving Windows boot up time and overall responsive.

Likewise with the 4GB sticks – they didn’t want to be completely cheap by offering only 8GB, but the accountants wouldn’t fathom the expense of providing 16GB either.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)


Screen size great. 10 key awesome. Backlit keyboard? Seems not… To be clear EVERY laptop keyboard is different and I had no idea how awesome and needed this feature was until (10 years ago). 1080P is great. Bring back WUXGA! At least they used a super fast HDD (rolleyes). No GPU. Weird 12GB of RAM pretty much means soldering. Why does a company solder, I assume it is to sell upgrades, but how rarely have I bought them from OEM. ODM more likely.

What’s the need on Win!!? I seriously don’t understand. I loved XP and 7 though, Actually XP for the networking situatin.

The real question:
Does it play WoW classic?

Bought this in December for a gift.

Someone in the forums posted about upgrading the HDD in these HP 17" units. I took that advice and replaced the 1TB 5400 rpm with a 500gb Samsung evo870 for $70 and it couldn’t have been easier. The laptop is very slow and frustrating to use with the spinning hd. I wouldn’t recommend buying one unless you also plan to upgrade the HDD to some sort of SSD

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I agree, and while you are in there, instead of doing the SSD version, install the NVMe M.2 version and get 6X the speed of the SSD version…

  1. HP 17.3" FHD Laptop (12GB RAM, 1TB Storage)
  2. HP 17.3" FHD Laptop (12GB RAM, 1TB Storage)

For the Tech reference manual:

It has been on here prior… Link 2 shows link to tech reference manual showing it supports SATA, (spinner and SSD) , and NVMe M.2

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