HP 17.3" Intel Quad-Core 2TB Touch Laptops

The descript says 802.11 ac and the specs say 802.11 b g n ac…so which is it??

It’s correct. :slight_smile:

We list 802.11ac because that’s the newest standard. We call out all other compatible wireless standards in the specs: Intel 802.11b/g/n/ac (2x2)


Do any of these have a backlit keyboard? Gotta have a backlit keyboard.

The specs say that it’s a backlit keyboard.

Is the memory expandable?

Our buyer researched and could only find that it supports 8GB DDR3….1-DIMM Slot.

It may not be user upgradeable though.

Specs say that it has a 2TB 5400 SATA drive.

Bottom of the page says
In the box HP 17-BS000 17.3" Notebook, HD+ Touchscreen, Intel N3710 Quad-Core, 4GB DDR3, 1TB SATA, 802.11ac, Win10H - (Your Choice: Color)

So does this have a 1TB or 2 TB drive?

It’s 2TB. The spec has been corrected.

Just got this notebook, notice it has no battery what the heck

Check all through the packaging?

If you don’t find it, contact HP and they should be able to send you one.

If all else fails, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.


This thing is slower than Christmas in a Leap Year. It freezes all the time, requires multiple reboots, shut downs and restarts. Most days it takes about 30 minutes just for me to get logged in; then it takes another 15-20 minutes to get my email and other windows to actually load and be able to use this computer.

You have been warned!