HP 17.3" Laptops

about 2 years ago, I bought a reconditioned HP to use in my small business. Since I purchased it, it’s had 3 fatal crashes requiring full OS re-install. I finally replaced the hard drive and now use it only for playing on the interweb. For all critical functions I use a different PC.

In my humble opinion, the aggravation and lost files are not worth saving a couple hundred dollars. I will never buy another reconditioned PC.

And on the left hand; I bought basically this exact model and use it to play WoW on graphics way passed recommended while alt tabbing constantly and using bluetooth to listen to music. it doesn’t hesitate, lag, or make me wait even 1ms for it to catch up.

incredibly pleased with my HP reconditioned laptop.

edit: i’ve owned it and operated it as described above every day for 2 months so. if it had a fatal hardware error like overheating it would have done it already, and a simple quickscan of the hard drive has shown me it has no or is not developing any bad sectors.