HP 17.3" Quad-Core i7 Laptop



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HP 17.3" Quad-Core i7 Laptop
$599.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I guess no one wants one of these things?


If these were half the price, I would get one. I have bad luck with refurbs and heard too many bad things about HP to spend $600.


I would buy this if my wife needed a new one,I love HP laptops.I bought my wife a new 17 inch about 6 years ago,and it works just fine.I upgraded to a 500GB 7200RPM,new memory,and windows 7 64 bit,and it is really fast now.I just can not understand why they put a crappy 5400RPM in them for the money you pay.


Is this the same one that’s been on a few times before?


was thinking same thing…another hour, plus?


Not at that price. Maybe a couple of hundred less…


OMFA! 99% LEFT??? For some reason, I don’t think that it was “The 1%” who bought this.

10% gone in 47 min… Hotcakes.


wow. gonna take a nap then come back. and these will still be here. lol they have 99% left. gonna be a long one.


everyone need to buy 3 of them urgently. Also, please buy three GF grills. You can have and enjoy both of them in 3 sets, please? …


This is actually priced pretty well (not great- but better than a lot of Woots). The CPU in this is a screamer with a passmark of 7522, 8GB ram, 1TB HD (albeit 5400rpm) pretty decent value. This should have included a blu-ray burner at that price and it would have sealed the deal. Add a 256 GB SSD for $180 to this and you have a screaming machine for less than $800. Intel HD 4000 isn’t horrible, but it’s definitely not for high end gamers- but it can do some gaming its passmark is comparable to a Geforce GT 230.


Someone’s gotta need like 40 of these right?


I actually bought this laptop from woot a few weeks ago. As much as I’d like to see it sell and get to the next item, I must say that it has been nothing but trouble since I got it. Malfunctions on a daily basis. That 90-day warranty is coming in handy. I’m shipping it off to HP tomorrow to see if they can fix it. If not, they can keep it. Too bad. Great specs for the price.




I bought one of these when they were on Moofi a couple weeks ago. I still think its a great deal. I7 (3rd gen), 1TB, 8GB ram, aluminum finish, back-lit keyboard, beats audio, finger print scanner, 2nd internal drive bay, nice 17" display, huge 9-cell battery (I can get about 9-10 hours of light use). The refub I received was perfect. No problems so far. Using the 2nd drive bay, I installed a spare SSD, reloaded Win 7, and wiped the 1TB drive to use for storage. This is one hella fast notebook. The Core I7 in this is one of the fastest laptop CPUs out now.

This is essentially an HP Envy (or DV7), but the M7 was used for a BestBuy exclusive model. BTW, to use a 2nd drive, you need the cage and cable, which are available for about $40 from Newmodeus.

Also, the 1TB drive inside mine was the Toshiba MQ01ABD100, which actually proved to be pretty fast in comparison tests (http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/notebook-hard-drive-review,3270-7.html). Although seek times were lower than the 7200rpm drives, the sustained transfer rates were pretty close. Since I am using it as a storage drive, I’m more than happy with the performance.


90 day warranty from HP. It’s at the bottom of the description.


I did get this one a few weeks ago when it was up. No trouble, so far it’s been running great, it arrived in like-new condition. And has been running several of my (x86) programs without a hitch. I am not sorry I bought it, 90 day warranty, but I will spring for the SqTr warranty too. I am well pleased with it.


This is a beast of a machine. A monster to lug around, but after installing a 240GB SSD and keeping the 1TB Hard Drive in the machine, this is the fastest computer in the house. As a SW Developer, it works great for installing Virtual Machines. It boots up in about 30 seconds into Windows 7. In another 30 seconds I can open a Windows 8, Ubuntu 12, XP, Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion Virtual Machine.


Best Buy 9 reviews (avg 4.6/5)