HP 17.3" Quad-Core Laptop



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HP 17.3" Quad-Core Laptop
$369.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Must haz mapz


quad core? we’re going to be here a while aren’t we?


need video resolution 1920x1200 minimally!


3rd laptop in the last like hour…okay maybe 2 hrs…but still that’s 2 tvs and 3 laptops in the last couple hours…you’re putting me to sleep woot! how am I supposed to stay awake and finish my shift?


Is there something wrong with quad-core laptops?


I’ve owned several HP laptops, and I have never had a good time with them.

Problems include: bezel cable failure (screen death), hard disk failure, battery failure.

In sum, this is a good “disposable” laptop. If you intend to buy something new after two years, it might be worth your money. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother.


Woot! have you not noticed things for under $10 go MEGA FAST, keep posting stuff for $50 or less please. we are all cheap :3


Man, I needed this last week. Wife’s LT took a dump and she had been complaining and also using mine for a few weeks. So I go out and get her a new one. Lucky for me, she just likes to do her shopping on line and emails so, I did not have to go the big $$$. However, I did end up going about $150 more than this for a similar brand new machine. For she uses it for, I would have taken this refurb, quad core and all.


bought one like this brand new at best buy for 419 runs like a dream can play skyrim and other high ends games with no problem( though I did add 4 gig of memory ) bought the wife a samsung version of it and she loves it. Add 4 gig of memory to this baby and it will fly


I’m actually in the market for a laptop, as is my fiancee as her apt. got robbed a week ago (yeah, she’s looking for a new place too, needless to say).

I’m an aspiring indie dev, and while I game the most intense stuff I might be playing would be the Portal games, or maybe some PSX/N64 emulation.

I’ve been burned by HP in the past too, so I’ve been waffling on this one, do other wooters think I should dive in on this? (and no, “I want to get to the next map piece” doesn’t count as a good recommendation :smiley: )


I’m moderately glad I got the refurbed DV7-4263CL model for $400 when I did. Comparatively for $30 less this is a terrible deal.

Of course the refurb I got wasn’t entirely refurbed and I had to completely dismantle it to remove the nicotine tar buildup inside and out, and I wound up actually using the warranty to deal with 12 dead pixels and get the panel replaced. That could very well happen to anyone buying this one, too, since “refurbished” often doesn’t mean a damned thing these days. I found out mine wasn’t refurbed by HP, but rather by a third party, and Woot couldn’t or wouldn’t even tell me where they got it from (so I could place the blame squarely where it belonged). It depends upon the ethics of the OEM and what restrictions they place on any product being resold as “refurbished”.

I suspect given my experience that HP doesn’t care much about its brand name any more. Neither HP nor Woot made any effort to prevent what happened to me from happening to one of you when buying one of these now.


oh, good. a refurb’d HP…

And why can’t woot.tech participate in the woot-off again ?


Am I hallucinating (a possibility on lack of sleep) or did the percentage sold go from 50some% back up to 60-some%???

I swear I saw it in the 50% range


It’s been steadily inching up.


HP doesnt make the batteries… or hard drives.

Heck… HP doesnt even make the laptop… that would likely be HannStar.


What’d I miss while sleeping? Is there a new map going?


…you’d be better off with a 486! Seriously, JiggatyJ? c’mon now. The whole “It’s gotta have 16 cores or it’ll be too slow to update my facebook status!” mentality is ridiculous.


Yep… 2 pieces that I’ve seen so far but I haven’t been scouring hardcore like yesterday.