HP 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop

Tons of info on the Product Page

Look, my triangle baby with three eyes and six noodly appendages loves your Windows 8 computer, which is a glowing endorsement.

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A few great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Where is everyone? I’ve never been the first sucker before - is there something someone’s not telling me???

I like my avatar. Thanks, Woot!

I own this. It’s fine. I’m typing this on it right now. Screen is big and bright. It’s planted on my desk, so I’m not concerned about the weight.

The keys are spaced far apart, which is actually mildly annoying. As in, there’s space in between the keys that your finger can go into instead of hitting the key. Never seen that before on a keyboard, let alone a laptop keyboard.

What else… oh yeah. It’s garbage for videogaming. That’s fine. It’s my work computer.

Windows 8 is total garbage. The default music player takes 45 seconds to load, then tries to get me to buy music.

I’ve learned to work around Windows 8 for the most part. Truecrypt doesn’t have W8 support on this computer, so beware if that’s your encryption solution.

Doesn’t pump out a lot of heat, and the fan is silent.

For a dirt cheap laptop, what can you complain about?


No brainer. Each of my previous HP laptops have worked just fine for over 5 years; all of which were refurbs.

I got the Mrs. the 8 gig version of this for Christmas and it works like a champ–once you can get by the awfulness that is Windows 8 that is. I never thought they’d make an OS more annoying than whichever one introduced Clippy the Paperclip, but they did!

Just re-format and load copy of Windows 7…I did.

Both of mine developed problems that were consistently documented in the community that HP refused to address or fix. No more HPs for me.

Windows 8 is fine. I just added a start menu replacement to get rid of the tiles and now I have what is basically a windows 7 desktop on boot every time.

When BestBuy had this in stock, it was $369.99 for refurb vs. $329.99 tonight.

There are a lot of videos for the G7, but I can’t find the exact model to compare with.

In the specs: “Touchpad supporting multi-touch gestures with on/off button”

I won’t get Windows 8 unless I can use the actual touch screen interface. That way I can make a decision about the OS.

I found a decent little one with touch screen for about $350 at Amazon. I’d seen it for around $499 at BJ Wholesale. So I picked it up. I posted the deal, but it got no love and now is back to $419.

Windows 8 doesn’t suck. I use it on my desktop at home and, while it takes some time to get used to all of the mouse controls, it is just fine for my desktop. The new start menu is very useful and, with a mouse, you go to the same place to get to it, the bottom left corner of the screen. The tiles are convenient for programs I use regularly. If I need something not on a tile, I just start typing what I want on the keyboard and there it is.

Windows 8 isn’t going away. Microsoft spent too much time and money on this to just drop it and try to go back to the Windows 7 design. It will be easier for most to upgrade to the new OS and adapt now instead of waiting for years when Microsoft finally drops Windows 7 support.

I’m typing on one right now. As has been said, it’s crap for games, but run everything else like a champ thus far. Battery life is decent, display is nice and bright, the function keys default to the computer controls rather than the F# keys, but that’s what I use more often anyway. I occasionally have issues with it trying to connect via an outdated IP address on resume, but it’s only on my home network so I’m not sure if it’s the computer’s fault or my router.

In for one. Looks like a great deal. Would have like to wait a little bit longer before purchasing but with state tax coming soon, did it now.

I have a HP similar to this with win8 for work. To be honest, while it is pretty snappy and has a few convenient bits it really doesn’t even come close to my gaming pc with windows 7 for me. Outside of work I have a windows 7 desktop for gaming/media center/graphic design and use my $200 chrome book for woot and dicking around on the web. Now if you guys wanted to get some chromebooks on here I’d have to open a few extra accounts so I could get one for everyone in my family.

Hey all, feel free to open up a thread in World of Woot or Everything but Woot to chat about Windows 8 but let’s focus on the computer in this thread.

I think we’ve beat the Windows 8 drum enough in the product threads for a while.