HP 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop

Wooters, I have a question. I need a laptop I can play on the pogo website & install office suite. Is this the laptop for me?

This is a solid deal. I fix/rebuild PC’s quite frequently for extra money and am sending this link to three people off the top of my head right now who are on the market for new Windows based laptops. The specs are tight and like others have mentioned, you’re only a few quick tweaks away from making Windows 8 look and function just like Windows 7 if you so desire.

I bought a Lenovo refurb from Woot and love it. Have no fear in buying a refurb. I was considering getting this for my daughter until I saw Windows 8.

This is a good deal. I just bought a Dell 17.3" a few weeks ago for about twice as much. I’m not sure how heavy this laptop is but my Dell is a beast, nearly 7lbs. Its heavy, so the weight is just something to keep in mind.

Does anyone know what the memory setup is?

How many slots?

How filled?

For $40 more you get a new one at Bestbuy.com!


No, that is a refurbished model at BB.

I’m sick of repairing my friends’ HP laptops after they break. Sometimes it’s the hard drive, sometimes it’s the motherboard, sometimes it’s all the bloatware they load on the computer before they give it to you. Avoid at all costs. There’s a reason these things are dirt cheap.

I actually like windows 8.

It took a few days to get used to but I like it as well. People just don’t like change.

Sure, what the heck…

Bought the version of this from last summer. All in all an excellent laptop. With two caveats:

  1. no bluetooth. You need to plug in a $1 dongle that’s always lost at the bottom of your laptop bag, or maybe in the couch cushions. Damn, I hope the dog didn’t eat it.

  2. slow wifi. 802.11g. That means 72mbs transfers even if your AP supports 300. Kind of sucks.

Other than that, the darn thing is great! (Oh, I make no comment about the included OS, I deleted that the day I got the laptop.)

@galbinuscaeli, regarding wifi, if you’re talking about your older HP laptop having only wifi g, 'not sure how that applies here.

This laptop claims in the specs to have wifi n.

If there’s a network issue, it’s that it does not appear to have gigabit LAN. But most folks probably use wifi anyway.

For the record… windows * really is TERRIBLE. and you will tear out your hair as it is constantly getting in your way, rather than doing what you want it to do. It’s design for touch screens and clunky as all get out when you are not using a touch screen. However… There are several programs you can download to that push all the obnoxious features to the back… and Microsoft said that in the next update theyd be doing soemthing similar… so go ahead… get the laptop… just be prepared to find some other software first before it’s very usable.

I bought the 640 GB hard drive version of this model from Woot. It has one 4 gig stick and a spare slot. It can handle up to 8.

I don’t understand people’s complaints about gaming on this machine, however. I play SW:TOR on mine (granted, at pretty medium graphic settings), and it works great. If I upgraded to 8 gigs of memory, I think it would play much better.

Actually, not only was Win8 cobbled together to target touch screens so they could have one OS that covered the tablet and PC, it IS going away… at least they already announced the return of the start button and start bar for the next OS.

Industry is either still hesitant from Vista or for the most part recently switched from XP to Win7… thus business share of win8 is miniscule and will stay that way.
Unless you have a touch screen PC, there’s little sense in upgrading from Win7, even if you’ve gotten used to it with a mouse - the features it is promoted for are moot without touch screen capability.

RE: Windows 8. Its annoying but not really an issue when you can install a free, open source, shell replacement like http://www.classicshell.net/ that makes it work just like Windows 7 (or XP if you prefer). Windows 8 on equivalent hardware performs better than Windows 7, so there is more to Win8 than just a terrible user interface. Also all the “non WinRT” versions of stuff are still included (like Windows Photo Viewer) and you can easily change your default program from the clunky WinRT version to the ones everyone liked in Win7. So if you’re staying away from this computer because its Win8, or the hassle it would be to wipe it and put Win7 on it, I say take a few moments to tweak Win8 and see if you can live with it.

@TT, apparently nobody is listening!

Does anyone know the warranty on this refurb, and who it is provided by? I’ve had refurb desktops warranted by HP, and they were great, even making a house call. How long is this warranted, and again, by who(m)?

Oh yes, for those with experience with refurbed laptops, are the batteries generally in good condition, or might they arrived having been mis-used, and thus have shorter life between charges, etc.?