HP 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop

Alright, just placed order. Don’t fail me HP!

What kind would you suggest? My 3 yo Samsung woot refurb is losing it’s mind and I fear it will throw in the towel any day.

We have two in our household. One did need a new battery.

In for one. Seems sufficient for generic family computing and that’s all we’re going to need it for.

Just returned an HP refurb desktop recently purchased on Woot. Unit died after 2 days of loading/ transferring files. Windows 8 will be weird until “Blue” comes out. No more HP refurbs for me. Woot was great on the return process however. Caveat emptor

Run away, HP’s have problems with overheating just past the warrantee period. There is a reason they have had so many presidents in the last 5 years, they cut quality for profits but its to far gone. The once great product company builds crap, and with windows 8 its a bigger pile of crap.

So if you were going to buy a new 17" laptop what one would you buy? and no Apple since I don’t need to relearn a new OS at my age.

I own 4 HP computers - all work great. One portable went bad after 5 years but it was due.

Couldn’t agree more. I have a friend’s HP on my workbench right now awaiting a new LCD screen. I recently had to replace a MoBo on my niece’s. I’d stick with Lenovo’s or even Toshiba’s any day over HP.

A) We get it, nobody cares whether or not you like Win8, it’s clearly defined in the specs, so anyone thinking about buying this already knows.

B) I think the whole hoopla about “always fixing HPs” is just due to the sheer market saturation they have. The majority of people will say they have had nothing but good experiences, and any bad ones were normal issues all computers have (keep in mind the parts everyone complains about are used in all sorts of brands)

C) Anyone who has used one of these, or on similar, have any experience with using it as a media center?

I am thinking about buying one, mainly because I want a cheap laptop with an HDMI output that I can run HD videos through over the network.

So much hate for HP and 8 on here…

HP is the most popular brand, thus its also commonly seen needing repairs. Competitors like Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba will have similar qualities (above acer and gateway).

Win 8’s shell does take getting used to but just replace the default program settings to desktop apps and you will love it, it boots in 1/3 the time of 7 and performs better too.

Noone has mentioned AMD’s A series APU, which are a mix of GPU and CPU, so you could get better gaming performance out of it (especially dx11) than any pure Intel board/CPU, as well as better battery life, at the cost of computing power. Most users won’t see the CPU drawback but will benefit from the graphical performance.

HP has always been good to me, couldn’t pass this up!

I hooked but will I need MS office etc which is my real need or will their cloud 360 provide my suite needs!?

I just need a laptop my company will not budget for all the note taking from all the F++++++ng MBAs who assume that is the solution and flush the info from the desktop. Sigh… no anger here… so web portal access without the MS apps is the way to go?

Windows 8 but who cares? Did you hear, Linux is replacing Windows on the International Space Station? They announced they are going from XP to Linux Debian 6.

i bought this at the last minute on an impulse, but if I receive a marked-up refurb, i will blister Woot on all social media…and these randomly assigned icons are stupid

Looking forward to getting this tomorrow in the mail. I had an HP before did me ok for 2 years.

Will have to update the ram and get a (maybe)generic battery but looking forward to this.

Yours has already shipped? I envy you, I’ve been staring at my Gmail waiting for the shipping notification :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received a notification yet, but please check your PM’s as I have sent you information regarding the tracing of your purchase.

I got shipping confirmation a couple of hours ago. Should be here on Wednesday. This will be my first Win8 machine. I will give it a chance. If it sucks that bad, I have options.