HP 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop

Mine will be here today. Very exciting.

Laptop received…very nice indeed. Lighter than anticipated and the finish is quite nice. I cannot tell this is a refurb, barring the label on the box. Well worth the money in my opinion. Win8 will take some getting used to.

Just received opened it up plugged it in booted it up, got a page that is titled “License Terms”. Neither the touchpad or the arrow buttons are working. Double tapped the “On/off” button on the touchpad multiple times.

Can anyone help me out?

edit: tab key works, and arrows, but how can I select a box to “accept terms”? Enter does nothing, touchpad does nothing

hmm. maybe a member of our community will have a suggestion. i would consider contacting HP to get some assistance with this.

you can always email Support@Woot.com for additional help.
hopefully it gets resolved quickly!

I managed to use the keyboard to get past the license screen, but my touchpad is definitely not working. Any help?

The warranty is through HP so you can contact them. Or as mentioned above, you can email support@woot.com for options. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I got my laptop in today. So far, so good. No problems. I said I would give Win8 a chance, and I am. But so far I find it frustrating. It’s like driving a car where all the controls were moved around from their normal places. Didn’t take long to find and install Classic Shell to get the Start menu back and restore my sanity.

Is the tiny orange light to the left of touchpad illuminated? If so it’s disabled. Double tap the indention on touchpad to toggle it on/off.

Got mine in the mail, and wouldn’t you know it but the screen is cracked.

HP says it’s not covered in the warranty. $200 and a two week wait to fix it. No thanks.

Buyer beware I guess.

Yes that is covered under warranty if it arrived that way.

Please email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Got this in the mail today with a cracked screen! Is there no inspection prior to shipping?

Nope, and double tapping did nothing(finger, pencil point…). Even if the touchpad was off, wouldn’t there be a pointer on screen somewhere?

I’m just asking to be more informed since I returned it and am waiting for Woot to confirm receipt by refunding.