HP 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop

I have a very similar laptop that I got from woot in a BOC. (Also a Pavilion G Series). It has done more than I ever expected it to do. It doesn’t quite have as much power behind it as the one woot is selling, and yet it still runs everything I have thrown at it. Exceeded my expectations.

Everything you ever want to know, straight from hp.com

I am so confused… As luck would have it, all THREE of my computers died this month and I’ve been struggling by on an Android tablet, the Asus Prime (quad core 1.2 ghz, 32 gb). The novelty was fun for a few hours, but there’s nothing like a real laptop or desktop for computing. But I’m confused by the myriad of choices our there! I nearly bought an i7 laptop for $499 but missed the deal. Then I almost bought the Toshiba Woot had yesterday, which was discounted $30 mid-Woot. Now I’m debating between this HP and the below quad core HP for $349 (free s/h, no tax). The below has a better CPU (quad core) and is cheaper, especially since Woot charges shipping and tax. But this hdd is 2x larger and has 2 gb more memory. Ah, what to do?


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Good notebook!

All of these great laptops - but I can not touch them! I run a lot of DOS software, and need 32-bit and this is probably 64 bit. I could use DOS-Box, but then can’t paste back-and-forth between DOS and Windows files.

So I’ve been buying up old laptops, all 32-bit, XP and Windows 7. I don’t know how Windows 8 would work with DOS programs.

Tough call between those two. For someone who tends to upgrade things, the RAM and hard drive are easier to upgrade later than the CPU, so getting a faster CPU to start with is a plus, especially since the A6 is a little under-powered imho (depending what one wants to do with it of course).

My MIL has an AMD-based DV7 from Woot that was relatively inexpensive but has been holding up well. It has a metal top lid skin and top deck though, whereas these G7 models look more like an all-plastic exterior. I’d imagine that combined with the large form-factor could result in more screen/hinge flex if that bothers you (although I haven’t had my hands on one of these G7s so that’s partly speculation).
If it will mostly sit on a desk, which is often the case with 17-inchers, I guess it may not matter much, but otherwise I might be inclined to pay a bit more for something that appears sturdier, like one of the DV series models that was on Woot plus recently, or even better, one of EliteBooks they were selling a few months ago.
These do at least have nicer screens than that Toshiba’s 1366x768 resolution though. Screens like that drive me nuts; not enough vertical pixels. These are better at 1600x900.

Hopefully, this will help your decision:

  1. Better APU (means better CPU and GPU) – Faster and better graphics. This is the most expensive single part in the laptop. Not easily upgraded.
  2. Cost of extra RAM and larger hard drive will be cheaper than a better APU (assuming the laptop APU can be upgraded).
  3. Put the money you save into an SSD and place the hard drive in an external housing.

My two cents.

I was about to purchase a Lenovo Z585 last night for soon to be college freshman. Saw this this morning.

I’m very tempted but cannot find warranty and/or return info.

Also, I don’t see it so assume not included: Bluetooth connectivity.


Warranty: 90 Day HP

Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty

The extended warranty is for one year @ 59.95

I’m very tempted but cannot find warranty and/or return info.

Also, I don’t see it so assume not included: Bluetooth connectivity.


Anyone know if this has a 2nd hdd bay? I would want to add a ssd boot drive. I can’t find anything on HP other than the diagnostic tool examples they use which mention a 2nd hard drive, but they could be using a different computer as an example. Also does it come with the windows restore disc since I would need to re-install windows

You lost me at Windows 8

How well this would work as a gaming computer? For gaming on the go?

Here is a link to a thread on one of HPs forums where the OP says the HP Pavilion G7 does NOT have an extra hard drive bay like (s)he expected. It isn’t a perfect source of info, but the OP seems pretty sure. A quick google for “HP Pavilion G7 hard drive caddy” yields a couple of places that sell something to replace the optical drive with a hard drive, but I won’t link them here since I’m not sure about them.

Ditto. Was very pleased to snap up a Win7 laptop from the “Tons of HP Computers” sale last week.

Also, not nearly as technical a questions as everyone else seems to be asking, but what’s the deal with track pads moving to the left side of the computer these days? If anything, I’d think it should move to the right. Why do they do this?

The GPU will be the limiting factor.

For lessor games such as the Sims, Minecraft, or WoW on low settings, it will be fine. But for anything even remotely demanding, it will not do well at all.

How does this compare to the Toshiba posted a couple days ago (for the same price), in terms of power?


I will mostly be using it for development, but also the occasional gaming. The Toshiba seems like a much better fit for me, even though the resolution is kind of poor.

Thank You!!

The track pad is centered on the qwerty portion of the keyboard. The presence of the number pad on the right causes the left offset of the trackpad.