HP 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop

The touchpad is to be centered with the keyboard. I think the question is why laptops seem to be incorporating the NUM pad more and more. Since it’s on the right, it pushes the touchpad to the left to remain centered with the kb.

I was debating this laptop as well. But the CPU and Win8 are deal breakers. Anything less than quadcore isn’t really worth it anymore. And nobody wants Windows8 unless they have a MS Tablet.

Just got one of the 17in HPs last week. With Win 8. Takes some time to get used to but it ok. The computer itself is nice. Good looking screen and battery last long enough. I did have to had 4Gb of more ram but it runs PS and Lightroom just fine.

This is a good deal. Only thing I wish it had was ability for more ram (16Gb) and a light up keyboard.

It depends on what kinds of games you want to play. This rig would be fine for flash games and facebook games. It would probably be okay for games that are 8-10 years old. If you’re looking to play any kind of modern game you are going to need to shell out a lot more money. Gaming on a laptop can be really expensive. The CPU in this thing scores almost half of what a comparable i3 processor can do, and the graphics are just pitiful. Hope this helps!

I have many mid level laptops, which I have to take apart fairly frequently, and I have never seen space for a second hard drive on the HP models I have, while my Dell laptop does have space and setup for a second hard drive. However, the HP’s have held up better than the Dell, which had hardware problems at the end of two years.

I believe that’s correct for these G7 models. They are a lower-end line than the DV series and lack that feature.

In contrast, I know the fairly recent models of the DV7 (or M7) line do have a second hard drive bay, and the extra caddy/cable needed to install a second drive are fairly easy to find as long as you’re careful to get the correct one for the particular model number since it varies between the models from different years. We moved the HD in my MIL’s DV7 to the second bay and installed an SSD for the OS. That made the system really fast and responsive for typical daily use. I also set up the SSD to back up to the hard drive weekly and create a system image in case the SSD fails or wears out some day. That won’t help if the whole system is lost or stolen though so it’s still a good idea to have backups of important documents/photos/files on an external device or online service.

For this system, as mentioned by a previous poster, you might be able to get a different type of caddy to allow replacing the optical drive with a second hard drive, but of course then you don’t have a DVD drive, so it’s one or the other.

I have the last one they put on here a few weeks ago and I would be willing to sell it to anyone who wants one. Just let me know Thanks!

Seems like a good deal… But I am afraid, very afraid. Bought a nice HP laptop not long ago (don’t remember model/specs at the moment) that is the single most annoying computer I’ve ever owned, and that’s saying something. When you type the cursor jumps randomly around the screen, making it basically impossible to type. I may end up hooking up a keyboard, but that’s a pain with a laptop, not very ergonomic. Or may get a new one and give in to the temptation to throw this one to the ground and stomp on it repeatedly. Anyone know if this is a flaw that tends to occur with HP laptops?

WHAT are you running?

I thought I had the oldie award for running Infor Select for Windows 3.1 on my Windows 7 machine.

(BTW, my first commercial product was a cassette tutorial, “The DOS Tape” that explain a lot of commands and file management.

Did 3 editions and one for IBM. The Natioal Braille Press even converted the reference card into Braille.)

Is you hand or palm or whatever resting on the trackpad?

Woot says 17.3“… HP spec link says 15.6"… Somebody is telling a fib…

Nope. Not touching the (**$#!@ thing anywhere but the keys.

It could still be the trackpad driver (or even something like a buildup of static electricity, etc). Many laptops from different manufacturers use similar trackpads manufactured by Synaptics and there is often an updated driver and utility to manage the settings for sensitivity and “palm check” etc, that can be helpful. There is also sometimes an updated driver available from the computer manufacturer or through Windows Update. Updating that and also playing with the settings may help.

If it only started doing it after working fine initially then you could also try a hardware reset, by shutting down Windows and powering off the laptop, then unplugging the AC adapter, and finally, taking out the battery. Then hold down the power button for several seconds and release it (it will look like nothing happened, but it does clear up some types of problems).
Then put the battery back in, connect the AC adapter, and start the computer back up to see if the problem might have changed or gone away.

In addition, some laptops have a small button near the trackpad that disables it. That comes in handy when doing a lot of typing, or if using a wireless mouse rather than the trackpad anyway.

Thanks, kmartind. I’ll try all those things, and put off the repeated stomping for now. :wink:

Yup. Win8=auto no thanks.

I can attest to flexibility issues with big plastic 17’s…I’ve replaced the screen on a similar Dell, and when I bought Lenovo with a metal lid, I said I’d not go back, but alas, I did and I’m in for 1.

Oh mrstuba, how will I tell thee…

Do you know if the memory for the link posted below is upgradable or has a max? I can’t find that in the product info anywhere.

If you’re talking about the G7-2269WM from 1sale, Crucial says it’s 8GB (2 x 4GB). Like others posted, it seems like it would be a better bet to upgrade to 8 gigs of ram on that computer than trying to upgrade the CPU/GPU on this one. I’m no computer expert though.

there is a reason it is cheap
benchmark tests =
AMD A6-4400M APU 1623 769.
It ranks below an Intel Core i3-2365M @ 1.40GHz 1,709

It’s not 17.3" it’s 15.6". I e-mailed Woot and asked them about it and told them if it was in fact a 15.6" laptop to cancel my order. My order has been canceled.

Bought this for my daughter, but I can not find out if it included even a trial version of MS Word. She needs this for her work. I am out of the USA at this time and want to find out if this is included or what is the best way to get it installed if not included. Also what MS Word version is best at this time?