HP 17.3" Full-HD AMD A10 Touch Laptop

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HP 17.3" Full-HD AMD A10 Touch Laptop
Price: $469.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Thanks for posting that.

I can’t find any performance details on the GPU. No frequency data or bench marks. This seems like a killer deal, but it seems odd that the details of the GPU are absent. Does anyone know what an R8 M360 is? Is this basically an R7 integrated chip combined with a discrete R7 M360 chip (R8 M365D)?

The R8 M360 is the graphics processor, this will bench better then i5’s and maybe some lower dual core i7’s. When this setup first appeared almost a year ago I was going to buy one. Glad I waited, Getting it at this price is saving $300.

This ia actually a very interesting laptop that used to be sold by Costco. I was playing with it one day pretty extensively in the store- I was trying to get my nephew to buy it. They had it on sale for $599 at the time. This machine actually has dual graphics, one with the APU, and a discreet graphics processor R8 M360 Graphics with 2048MB DDR3- I confirmed that also in device manager. The idea is that with less intense graphics load, it uses the APU graphics to save power- and for gaming or more intense graphics, it turns on the discreet graphics, and I believe that they can even work together for added benefit, but I think the performance increase is marginal from what I’ve read. I could not find a passmark for the A10-8780P, but the passmark for the A10-8700P is 3579 which is comparable to an I5-3437U (used in Dell Latitude 6430u and HP EliteBook Folio 9470m) in performance. The graphics is about comparable to Geforce 920M based on this http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Radeon-R8-M365DX-Benchmarks-and-Specs.150996.0.html, although the specs say it uses an R8M360 (I’m not sure it implies a dedicated R8 core or the R8 in the specs implies integrated + R7 core) so it may be slightly better if it uses a dedicated R8 core, but I wouldn’t venture to say a whole lot at best maybe a Geforce 940m performance. Not a true gaming computer by any means, but can definitly run more games than the standard integrated Intel HD and AMD APUs can.

This laptop is somewhat of an enigma, because there is very little information about this new processor, or other laptops using a similar set-up. It’s hard to believe that HP managed to put this together, because it’s really a pretty well balanced laptop. Decent CPU performance, 17.3" Full HD 1920x1080 panel (not the BS 1600x900 stuff they put in most 17.3" laptops), backlit keyboard, B&O speakers (makes Beats look like a joke), decent graphics performance. At $600 this was a great buy at Costco, but that also included 2 years of warranty (to be fair). At $470 this is a great price. After you buy this I would HIGHLY recommend replacing out the HDD with a SSD drive. It will make night and day difference in how well this laptop will perform. you can pick-up a decent 240GB SSD drive for about $80 and starting at about $110 a 512GB SSD drive http://promotions.newegg.com/neemail/latest/index-landing.aspx

this is the best information I could find regarding the A10-8780P

Thanks for your reply. I went for it. Even if I don’t quite get the performance of a 940M I know that I will be getting an efficient mid-range all-rounder for a good price. The real selling points are the 1080P IPS screen, the back-lit keyboard, and a CPU/GPU combo that will handle most recent games at low to medium settings.

LOL… You make me laugh, that was a killer comment about HP’s lack of ability.

So this would be a good laptop for Adobe products (Memory Hogs) and doing fun stuff like surfing the net and Watching P*rn while eating chicken?

The Reviews are pretty mixed at Amazon… Not sure if I should jump at this over a Shuttle type system.

Hey WOOT… Whats the warranty situation on this… Does HP honor one as well or is it 90 days from Woot?

A lot of reviews state that 365 days and then the Laptop dies.

I’m not sure what reviews you’re reading because the A10-8780P processor was just launched in December 2015, so it couldn’t be this laptop.

as far as this is concerned:

“So this would be a good laptop for Adobe products (Memory Hogs)”
It should be fine for Adobe stuff

“and doing fun stuff like surfing the net and Watching P*rn while eating chicken?”

  1. You’ll need at least 1 more hand
  2. Ideally you’ll want to designate the “sticky” hand and try and keep that one off the keyboard and the touchscreen

http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-17-g100-notebook-pc-series-touch/8502663/model/9728748#Z7_3054ICK0K8UDA0AQC11TA930O2 after clicking that link, select Microsoft Windows 10 under version again- then update. You’ll see a bunch of new drivers, and a new bios, that were just released. Make sure to update all of those. I also can’t recommend enough changing out the HDD for an SSD, that will make this thing a lot more responsive. Goodluck.

LOL ok that made me laugh too!

So Gak you think this is a good deal?

This is a comment about HP, not about this computer. I purchased,from Woot, a HP reconditioned notebook during November of 2015. It has been nothing but a nightmare.After devoting many hours to it to get it to work properly, I called HP and after trying many “solutions” that were offered I SENT it in for repair.It was returned to me and I am still having problems with it. I called several times and have not received a return call for HP. I can not believe that this is an isolated incident. BEWARE

That seems to be a problem with most manufacturers today. Support after the purchase.

I think if you’re looking for a 17.3" screen, and you don’t want to spend a lot of jack, but you want decent performance and a nice full HD 1920x1080 screen- I think this is a real good buy. The one I saw at Costco had a nice premium feel (backlit keyboard and all) to it, it didn’t look cheap at all. It’s rare to find a 17.3" laptop in this price range that has a full-HD screen- they mostly have 1600x900. I would buy it if I had the need. I think the big reason they are being sold off is because people aren’t as familiar with AMD processors- especially this one, so at their original price point of $700 no one was buying them and Costco couldn’t move them.

What network card is in this? Can’t find any information about the chipset.

(looking to run linux on it)