HP 17.3" Full-HD AMD A10 Touch Laptop

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HP 17.3" Full-HD AMD A10 Touch Laptop
Price: $449.99
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CPU Benchmarks

I’ve heard that touchscreens really suck the battery life, and I don’t see the point of one in a laptop. Can the touchscreen be disabled, and does that reduce the battery consumption?

This is a good question, mostly because what is on the internet is based on 1 test (not a study) that is entirely misleading. For instance this article http://lifehacker.com/touch-screen-laptops-are-a-battery-drain-even-with-tou-1707236141 says this: “One surprising find Laptop made, however, was that the battery life hit for touch screen laptops—about 24 percent comparing a ThinkPad X1 Carbon with and without touch—remains even after disabling the touch screen. Apparently, the touch digitizer continues to suck up power even when disabled.”

There is obviously some other difference accounting for that one test discrepancy, different MB, different resolution, different options, or the fact that the battery may have even been bad in the one unit to begin with- but there is NO way that a touchscreen would impact battery to that extent!

The amount of power that a touchscreen consumes is in microamps of power

“It can go as low as 11 µA while monitoring for
a touch.”

Personally I don’t think that the current generation touchscreens have any significant effect on battery performance. Even if disabling the touchscreen would save some power (which it won’t because the digitizer will still continue to consume power), the amount of power saved might be a couple minutes at best.

This laptops full HD 17.3 inch screen CPU and separate graphics chip- that is what is going to consume most of your power, the amount of power the digitizer of the touchscreen consumes, compared to this, is completely negligible. If you want a power efficient computer this isn’t the option you want. This is more a mobile desktop replacement.

I have had this same laptop (also from woot) for a couple of months now and it has been great. The screen quality is outstanding and the backlit keyboard looks very nice too. It’s just an average performer speed wise, oddly it seems to be faster at gaming then some general computing tasks.

Just one word of warning. You WILL have wifi issues until you upgrade your Bios. Fortunately it was not too difficult to find and install

Bought this last time it was on. Replaced hard drive with an ssd. I didn’t have to, but the one that comes with it is the same 5400rpm drive that hp seems to drop in all their consumer laptops and it is dog slow. SSD makes it fly, and it’s amazing for the money even without the upgrade. I can play Battlefield 3 on medium. It’s quiet, touchscreen is great, battery lasts around 4-5 hours general use. 3+ watching movies. DOTA2 and Don’t starve can be played maxed out.

Costco used to sell these. I played around with it for awhile at the store. I think after upgrading to an SSD this would make for a nice laptop. The full HD screen on a 17.3" is a nice touch. Usually this price range has a garbage 1600x900 screen. This also has a dedicated videocard works in conjunction with the integrated video in this set-up which is a neat feature also.