HP 17.3" Full HD i7 TouchSmart Laptop

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HP 17.3" Full HD i7 TouchSmart Laptop
Price: $679.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Apr 18 to Wednesday, Apr 23) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought this last month, and it has surprisingly little suck for Windoze 8. It helps that it’s a touchscreen (and it does take more customization to act semi-sane than Windoze 7 did).

Thing?! Is that you?

I bought this the last time it was listed here. I am very happy with it. If you get one, be sure to get the upgrade to Windows 8.1, plus the extra features update…This is the one that everyone has been talking about that makes the Win 8 interface much more manageable. I actually like it now.

For those who don’t know, Windows 8 is automatically upgradeable to 8.1 for FREE on the Microsoft website. Click here for more info. I’ve been using 8.1 for a few months and I still can’t stand the new OS. They need to get rid of Metro by default, and let users turn it on if desired. And even more importantly, turn off all those menus, i.e. charms, that popup as your cursor hits a corner or border. They’re annoying as heck and really disrupt my work. People who like those features can turn them on as needed. Fact is, most of us still don’t use touchscreens.

Finally, whose stupid idea was it to make Win 8 Apps FULLSCREEN ONLY??? I mean, isn’t the whole point of a WINDOWS-based OS the ability to resize and move windowed apps as necessary? Being forced to use a full screen means you can’t view several apps simultaneously – just like plain pre-Windows DOS! It’s the reason many people use a older version of Skype rather than the Win 8 version. Thankfully, Microsoft has wised up and future Win 8 apps will run in windows.

With a Passmark score of 7946, this is possibly the most powerful laptop Woot has ever offered. I do a lot of video editing and statistical modeling, and can’t deal with a Passmark of less than 5000. I currently use a i7-3630QM with a Passmark of 7730. I can convert a 45min VOB file to a H.264 MP4 at low resolution in about 3 mins whereas my brother takes about 40 mins on his i3-based laptop.

Based on CPU alone, this is a huge bargain when compared to the similarly-priced 15.4" Asus offered a few days ago. That laptop had a i7-4500U CPU with shockingly slow Passmark of only 3873. Being an ultralow voltage CPU, you’d get better battery life but it’s unacceptably slow for an i7 laptop that retails for $1000 ($679 on Woot). Today’s HP, however, has the power to be a true desktop replacement. The hard drive is a bit slow at 5400rpm but that CPU is blazingly fast. If the drive is too slow, you can add more RAM and/or swap it for an SSD. I’m not sure about this laptop but many 17" models are large enough to accommodate both a hard drive and an SSD.

I use 8.1 with Power-shell - I never even have to look at the metro interface - unless I choose to. I have the desktop only with all the speed and security enhancements of 8.1. Also if you have not done so install the 8.1 update - that pretty much cures metro. Time to move on from XP, my friend.

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Not a huge fan of Win8 still (and I got the upgrade to 8.1), but this laptop, so far, is great. Specs were pretty close to what I wanted (minus the intel gfx instead of nvidia). Only real negatives so far:

  1. touchpad is flat, lower corners press in for buttons. Not so much a problem for me, but when a toddler is trying to press the buttons on ABCMouse.com and they aren’t there…
  2. no blu-ray option (assuming you’re big on that, which I’m not)

Far more pros than cons with this laptop, and this is a great price for a quad-core laptop with decent graphics and a 1TB hard drive. If I do anything to it, it will be a move to SSD. One of the biggest sellers in addition to the other specs: capacitive touchscreen (vs resistive). The touch sensitivity and accuracy is perfect out of the box.

Popped mine open - there is room for a 2nd drive, but it’s not plug-and-play. Instead of the way I’ve seen it in the past (drives plug directly into SATA connectors in each drive bay), the drive currently in the bay has a SATA cable running across the width of the laptop from the connector on the HDD to a ribbon cable connector on the motherboard (or possibly controller daughter board). There is a 2nd, unused connector on the board, and space for a 2nd drive, but you’d need the cable, as well, which probably means going through HP to get one. I’ll have to dig into that. They may have the cable in the SSD upgrade kit they sell.

Circled areas are marked HDD1 and HDD2. Note the cable running from HDD1 (on the left) across the HDD2 bay to the SATA connector on the mainboard (on the right)


And you need the kit and the screws to install it:
Screws, PN 720260-001($35 on Amazon, $10 on ebay)
Hardware kit, PN 20237-001(a lot more than $30 + shipping on other sites)

I’m not actually sure that you need the screws, but other forums have said you do. From what I can tell, you don’t need screws, just the caddy and cable. [ETA: you do NOT need the screws - scroll down the page a bit, and you’ll find another post of mine with a video on it, showing the 2nd HDD installation]

Wow, I’m surprised that it takes so much extra hardware. With my 17" Toshiba P875-S7102, it was just a matter of slipping in the SSD. No cable, brackets or screws necessary. Within minutes, I had both a HD and an SSD. At times, I also have an external HD (7200rpm. USB 3.0 for speed), a USB drive and an SD card simultaneously. That gives me 5 storage options at one time, in addition to cloud storage. And I STILL don’t have enough room…

Thanks for the photo; I’m sure it’ll be helpful for anyone wanting to expand.

Two questions:

  1. What’s the warranty?

  2. Is a SSD upgrade straightforward?

  1. This is a factory reconditioned laptop and carries a 90-day HP warranty. The warranty is always stated at the bottom of the Features.

  2. We can’t comment.

Having purchased this last time it came up I can provide you these answers

1.) You can get an extended warranty (Care Pack) from HP directly, a little notification will pop up every couple of days offering it to you, ignore it for a few days and the price will drop, I ended up getting a full 3 year warranty with accidental damage protection for $79.99 direct from HP

2.) The SSD installation was easy and straightforward and really boosted the speeds, its as simple as popping off the bottom and rearranging things, like people have said in the previous posts all you need to do is buy the 2nd hard drive kit and you’re all set to go. Look to previous sales posts for really detailed instructions.

Thank you!



This seems like a good deal, but I keep wondering: why are there so many of them showing up as refurbs? A lot of people must be buying and then returning them. Thoughts?