HP 17.3" Full HD i7 TouchSmart Laptop

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For the love of all that is Woot, plzzzz make a laptop.woot.com

Pretty slick laptop and missing only SSD & Bluray (if you care)… OK, no dedicated graphics for gaming if that matters.

The guy doing this (a bit long due to slowww talk, repeats and pauses) review indicated this Woot is a Best Buy-specific model:



Edit: added $699.99 price / factory reconditioned / 90 day HP warranty.

don’t forget dyson.woot

Not sure which processor is right for you? Check out this handy processor guide

Let’s read more about usb 3.0 or watch a video to learn more [youtube=C-N_vN_tmA0][/youtube]

Overall, this looks like it would be a good choice for a luggable or desktop-replacement, for most anyone up to a light gamer (and honestly, for hardcore gaming you still basically need a desktop anyway).

Sure it’s Windows 8, but it’s touch screen so that partly makes up for it, and you can just load Start8 or Startisback and make it look like Windows 7 if desired.

Excellent latest-generation (4th gen, Haswell) Intel quad-core i7 processor (scores nearly 8000 on passmark):

Nice screen resolution and fast-enough graphics plus a good backlit keyboard.
Edit: Other forums hint that this could possibly even have an IPS display. I wouldn’t count on it, but if so, even better.

The hard drive will be the bottleneeck though. Swapping it out for a good quality SSD would really make the system fly.

Alternately, it has a second internal hard drive bay if you can find the right caddy and cable, or it looks like it should also have an empty mSATA slot which is intended for an SSD cache module, but could likely be used for a larger capacity mSATA SSD with a little extra fiddling.

So, what is the screen resolution? The linked HP site says 1600x900. The linked Best Buy site says 1920x1080.

Which is it?

[MOD: We’ve confirmed that it is 1920 x 1080.]

The description lists a Thunderbolt port but I don’t see one in the images. It’s missing from the specs page as well.

If it really does have a Thunderbolt port, I’m in.

[MOD: Sorry, no Thunderbolt port. It has been removed from the features. ]


The “I want one” button is part of the guy’s arm.

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I just don’t get the fascination with Windows 8 and ‘touching’ your computer…a computer is a computer, and a tablet is a tablet! I lean back in my chair with a wireless keyboard when I am using my computer. I do Not want to have to constantly re-position, and I have to need or desire to touch the stupid screen.
Just give me a damn Holodeck, already!

Have no need for a touchscreen. There’s a keyboard and trackpad right there. Why would I want to be poking my greasy fingers on the screen? I’m not five years old - I want to keep that clean.

I don’t own this computer but I do own a dell xps 12 hybrid touchscreen with windows 8. Let me be the first to say that I do not like it at all (and it’s supposed to be one of Dells better laptops). My point is that a laptop is best as a laptop and windows 8 is a giant headache. Combine them (like Microsoft had envisioned) and it really just gets worse. My computer is much more of a hassle than anything. It’s only 2 months old and I’ve seen 3 BSOD and countless windows errors. My feeling is that the issues stem from the touch capabilities and windows 8. - I won’t be buying a similar style computer until they improve the technology.

Where do you get that it has a second internal hard drive bay? That would be awesome if it did, but I don’t see where it says that.

Yes, supports dual hard drives and a mSSD.


“why would I want to touch my laptop screen?”

If you haven’t done it, then you simply don’t understand. Touch screens aren’t meant to replace kb/m anymore than a mouse was meant to replace the keyboard. It’s just another input method and when you have an OS that’s designed for it, you’ll naturally find where it works for you. You will end up using it though and once you do, you’ll miss it when you don’t have it.

With that said, this is a pretty good deal on a touch laptop with that screen size.

The idea of a touchscreen laptop is such a fail. I just can’t see how it would be useful. I always use my lappie hooked up to a 21" monitor 80%+ of the time anyway.

There’s absolutely nothing about windows 8 or touch capabilities causing your blue screens. Whether you like the new UI or not is one thing, but Windows 8, under the hood, is better and more stable than windows 7. If you have a two month old computer that’s having issues like that and you haven’t called or sent it back, your problems are on you.

I bought essentially the custom build to order 15" version of this one. I maxed out the ram at 16g, added a 1tb hybrid drive and included a discreet graphics card. I like it a lot. Very fast. My wife likes to play WOW on it.
Windows 8 is much better than Windows 7 under the hood. Spend $4.99 on Start8 if you want Windows 7 back and quit complaining.