HP 17.3" Full HD i7 TouchSmart Laptop

**Item: **HP 17.3" Full HD i7 TouchSmart Laptop
Price: $699.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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10/1/2013 - $699.99 - 55 comment(s)

I don’t know how much weight this comment will bring, but I am typing on almost the exact model of laptop being offered. The only difference is that I upgraded to a better graphics card.

Anyways, this has to be the best laptop I have ever used. The touchpad, everything about it is extremely well put together. I have had absolutely no problems with it, runs amazingly and have never loved a laptop so much. I’ve had it since mid-June when they first came out and it still runs like a dream, looks like it’s new still because of the aluminum it’s made out of.

Edit: With the 4700-MQ processor the battery life effectively lasts while I’m on campus without charging the entire day, which is roughly around 4-7 hours depending on what I do in the HP Recommmend settings which are essentially just balanced power output and power savings.
The quad-core and the ram 8gb is plenty I never get even close to hitting 4-5 gb used. Even during gameplay. The screen is fantastic, high density of pixels, looks amazing while watching movies.

Oh! and I’m really, really, really picky about chargers. This has the best charger type. The L that can go around corners. Literally, the best a charger can be. Also, the fans / heat are well-done. Any other questions, post! I’ll try to answer. :slight_smile:

Is the dismembered arm included?

Not sure which processor is right for you? Check out this handy processor guide

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Let’s check out a video [youtube=MaLznoGVLVg][/youtube]

Initially, he was going to wax but then decided to just cut it all off because it’s easier.


 I purchased this EXACT same computer, the last time it was available on Woot!  I was a little leery about it just having Intel graphics, but buying it new and customized added A LOT of money!  I figured that if I got it and needed the "higher" version, that I could make back most of my money, since this laptop ONLY came out in July2013, and buy the full customized version.

 I have to say that, so far, I haven't had a need for anything else!  Windows 8.0 worked well and the 8.1 update makes it even better!  The only thing that I wish it came with, was Windows Pro.  However, you can still buy it for $99, if you want!

 The mSata WiFi is "User" upgradable.  So is the 2 Memory Sticks.  There is room for 2 Hard Drives. However, it only comes with 1 Seagate 1TB drive, but it has the hard drive cable for the 2nd drive already.  Lastly, you can upgrade the Optical Drive, if you want!

 It's a great deal, for current hardware!

Take Care,

Hey pv2omni,
Is your laptop’s screen “anti-glare”? It certainly doesn’t look it in the 2 videos posted in here, so I’m wondering what yours is like. Thanks!

Wow - AOL is looking sweet. Does it still say " YOU’VE GOT MAIL!" when you turn it on?

“Windows” and “Stable” in the same sentence? Oh woot!, you really do make the best jokes…

Hey all, Windows 8 is here to stay so there’s not much use in complaining about it here. I deleted a few posts.

Let’s focus on the computer talk, ok?


“ThunderThighs” Hey all, Windows 8 is here to stay so there’s not much use in complaining about it here. I deleted a few posts.

But will this run on a Mac?

Is that not the other common whining complaint?

Window 8 is fine and there are free apps that make it look like Windows 7.
Regarding this deal. Best Buy has it for $974, new with one year warranty. To get a one year warranty for this is $100. My guess is this will be a around $200 off new around Black Friday.
Food for thought.

$69.99, if you’re a student

If this laptop has the air intake on the bottom like the previous generation of these laptops then you need to be careful not to set these on any soft surface where the airflow will be blocked, like a bed, while the computer is running or it will overheat. Also, the design seems to vacuum up dust so keep your compressed air can handy for blowing the dust out of the cooling fins. This design isn’t unique to HP, Lenovo’s current non-business laptops also have the air intake on the bottom.

How Does it Run FPS games?

Bought this same exact Laptop earlier this month on Woot and loving it. So much faster than my desktop. No issues with it to date. Shipping was faster than I expected too.
Talking with the techs at work they were surprised at the price for such a high powered laptop even a refurbished one.

Is the none glare screen good vs a gloss screen?. I was looking at a toshiba but this is a good price.