HP 17.3" Intel Dual-Core Laptop (Your Choice: Color)

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HP 17.3" Intel Dual-Core Laptop (Your Choice: Color)
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This laptop has some rather impressive computing chops.

The CPU’s Passmark Score is more than decent: 3897 overall / 1384 single thread. This is more along the lines of an early “Core i” series desktop processor rather than a mobile unit.

It uses DDR4 RAM, not DDR3, a surprising plus. The 8 GB is a nice touch, most buyers shouldn’t need more.

The display is a bit of a letdown, though. At 1600 x 900 it’s better than most but it isn’t full 1080 HD. Which is sad because HP does make a 14 inch laptop with an AMD processor that does include a full 1080 HD monitor.

The included hard drive while spacious is slow at 5400 rpm and will no doubt make any computer feel sluggish while loading the OS or any newly launched program.

This HP is built with wireless AC yet for some reason only has 10/100 Ethernet (Unless that’s a typo). Really? No gigabit? Shouldn’t gigabit be the norm these days?

On the other hand the inclusion of USB 3.1 is a particularly appreciated addition.

And for the inevitable question: No, it is not meant for gaming.

Would you recommend this for digital drawing? I got a notepad so I can draw but the darn thing doesn’t support drawing programs like GIMP and I was afraid to buy other drawing programs for the same reason of it not being supported. Though I’m sure this computer will support GIMP and other drawing programs but do you feel it is ideal? Sorry if this is a mundane question, I’m not very techie.

I have no experience with GIMP or other graphics programs so I did some research on the subject. What I came away with is that what you intend to use GIMP for will largely determine the system you need.

GIMP on its own will work on this machine, but if you intend to do very detailed work on large, complex images you’ll want something much better.

The CPU is pretty good, but the built in graphics chip isn’t. Intel Graphics aren’t meant for anything above day to day tasks. If GIMP is going to lean heavily on the graphics chip I might recommend something else.

However, you may want to ask around since, as I said before, I have no experience with GIMP and my opinions are barely informed guesses at best.

It was very nice of you to attempt to answer her question.

I bought this laptop computer factory refurbished from woot.com (a subsidiary of Amazon) and it included.” 1Year of Office365 Personal Included! Optimized for both online and offline use, the full version of Office 365 Personal includes Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, …" When I try to activate Office it says ”This product key is valid, but it was redeemed with a different Microsoft account: ro******@outlook.com.” Woot only gives me the dang website which when I go to there, it says that my product number does not exist!! IRRITATED TO NO END!!

I’m very sorry for the problem. I’m checking with the computers team. In the meantime, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.