HP 17.3" Quad-Core i7 Laptop

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HP 17.3" Quad-Core i7 Laptop
$599.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I’m worried about you guys. No comments? Someone always has something to say about computers.

Will it play Skyrim?


(J/K, can’t afford a new lappy until after my loan money becomes available.)

does this default to a “quality posts” since it’s the only one???

Nope, there are consistently multiple comments before a first QP, and sometimes no QP’s at all.

/checking the filter


qp qp qp

I made it out of clay

When it’s dry and ready

With QP I will play


everyone is either broke or hung over…or both;-)

it is funny that this comes up, woot CS stood me up over the holidays by not responding to my last question regarding a 17" laptop. my fiance really likes these retardly huge screen laptops…since woot never responded, they sold out of the toshiba i was going to buy. this looks like a nice setup for a “normal user”, but price seems kinda high for it being refurbished…i would like to know the price of a new to compare.

p.s. TT, could you please throw a stapler at someone in CS and ask them to please reply to case # CAS-121741-F8X3R1…thanks!

I was thinking the price might’ve been higher due to the 1T hard drive.

Actually, that’s the main reason why I was entertaining the thought of getting it. (Again, however, no monies. XD)

4.4 out of 5 stars on BestBuy They want $749.

I’ll send them an email and see if that helps. Be sure to check your spam folder though.

Looks like a good desktop-replacement class laptop. The third gen i7-3610QM is a very capable processor, especially for a laptop, and the HD4000 is more than enough for anything up to and including light/casual gaming. That includes working with images, video, etc.

Build quality looks pretty good too. In the pictures it looks almost identical to a dv7t-7000 quad edition, other than the color.

I’d like to see a full 1080p screen on a laptop this size, but 1600x900 is adequate, and you could always hook up an external monitor if you need more.

The backlit keyboard is also a plus.

And it comes with Windows 7 so you won’t have to mess around with downgrading from Windows Ate.

Get this computer…a lil big but fantastic for everything!!!

thank you–if new is only $150 more, ill pass on this one, but would help if woot would post another 17"er in the near future, this price is okay, but i personally dont like to buy refurbished unless the price is significantly less than new and untouched…just my own opinion on that…thanks though–good night to all.

[MOD: Uhm, BB’s is refurbished as well.]

I wish HP would give a one year warranty on their refurbished products. But that said, there is Square Trade. This laptop does have all the bells and whistles needed to catch my attention, a large HD, a fast processor, a good wireless card, and a good display.
Most times my fellow Wooters give great advice on whether a product is a deal or no deal.

I wouldn’t really avoid manufacturer refurbished items for that reason. The ones I’ve bought have looked brand new in original packaging with no signs of prior use. I would have thought they were new if not for the refurbished label on the outside of the box. That’s in stark contrast to the scratch and dent, missing accessories, mustard stained stuff (thrown into a priority mail box with assorted packing peanuts) that you often find places like cowboom and ebay.

Still, 90 days is a bit short, so unless buying an extended warranty I’d want to really give it a good run early on and make sure everything is fully functional.

This would be a speed demon if one put in an SSD. I suspect it might even be able to hold two internal drives to allow for using an SSD as the boot disk and the hard drive for larger data. If it’s like the very similar dv7t quad edition then you’d need a special drive cable and mounting bracket in order to add a second disk though, which is kind of a pain, but doable.

I could have sworn that everyone who knows about this web site already owns a laptop that doesn’t need replacing- Darn, apparently I am so wrong!

I love this laptop! I picked mine up about 2 months ago for $300 from some crackhead on Craigslist that needed money for an Interlock.

Now that I’ve used it, I would have gladly paid twice that. This is simply a great machine for the price. I actually gave my wife my 16 month old Dell Latitude E6420 (best laptop I have ever owned) because I was so impressed with this rig.

The only less than positive thing I can say about the m7 is don’t buy it if you are thinking portability. You’ll not be too happy after a week of lugging it around. But as a desktop replacement, I have been nothing but pleased. If Christmas hadn’t been so unkind to my wallet, I’d be in for another.

It does in fact have an open bay for a second drive. You’ll need to pick up a caddy and internal SATA cable, but installing the drive couldn’t be easier. I have an SSD on it’s way from NewEgg to make this beast really fly.