HP 17.3" Quad-Core Laptop




Best Buy with 58 Reviews and @ $429.99 for new (not Refurb)


I really want to know why the A-series processors have such terrible clock ratings… they make the whole “cpu + real-ish gpu on a chip” thing really disappointing.


Never again HP for me, banned from my family for life, pass it on.


I bought this computer maybe two weeks ago from woot and it is worth every penny!. I originally bought it from best buy, but it was only a 15.6 inch and it was 10 dollars more plus tax! So it ended up being 400 in total. Anyways from woot i only had to pay shipping. So i returned the smaller one and got a bigger size for less! The keyboard on this one is a bit smaller though, but that’s only because of the keypad. The only cons about it i can think about is when i rest my hands to type and try to move the mouse the mouse freaks out sometimes. That’s it really. the pros are it’s much louder than the 15.6" and is Bluetooth accessible. Quick as lightning and great for you people like me who keep open a billion tabs at once:) I give it a 5 out of 5



Ok since you own one of these, that HP Quickweb software, actually useful? Or typical HP crap/bloatware that i am just gonna have to uninstall?

Assuming i leave windows on it anyway…


^^^^ This ^^^^^


NOT much of a deal- brand new it is $429- u should be ashamed of yourself, WOOT! Where’s my DEAL???


really 429 new? I bought this a couple weeks ago from woot… after a total format and reinstall this laptop is clean and quick as heck :slight_smile: I was and still am a bit weary about the integrated graphics but it plays games just fine for a laptop of this price. not a bad deal imo but if it’s 429 new it’s pretty close to go new :stuck_out_tongue:


Why? I’ve heard this plenty, but never in a context to suggest there was any weight to the opinion.




I didn’t write it, but I can fill in mine. HP has a problem with not fixing design problems in their laptops. This is the case with 2 that I own. The ZD-8000s have a problem where they won’t charge a battery, even a brand new one. My wife’s relatively new 18" has an internal design flaw that shorts out the touch bar randomly turning on and off wireless and adjusting volume and sound controls. It’s pretty clearly happening to every owner of that line, and you can see the metal on metal contact on peoples who have taken theirs apart, but HP will not admit to a problem.


Im on a 16" HP and it usually works as long as I dont overtax the graphix or the usb ports.


I had an HP Pavilion laptop that made it through about three years of heavy daily use (gaming included) before giving up the ghost, and a desktop that lasted even longer before that, so they’re still okay in my experience.

And, just because no one else has done it, ill be That Guy this time:
How well would this laptop do for lighter gaming, like maybe WoW?

I’ve got a three year old cheapo Acer with integrated graphics that can run it on Miserable. I’m assuming since this actually has a listed graphics card that maybe one could at least bump the settings up to Low?


Cheap plastic casing with iffy keyboard, and acceptable performance. IGP annihilates HD3k at the expense of IPC, though battery life is rather good for a 17" with this graphical power. I can’t stand laptops this big, but some are into that whole desktop replacement thing, and 900 lines of res are at least passable.

Oh, use a mouse. These HP trackpads with the odd texturing are…ugh.


Fine. I’ve done D3 on Llano with some slowdown. WoW is pretty variable but can run on near anything.


Would this fit the bill for my girlfriend? I’ve been waiting for a laptop deal. She mainly just plays Sims 3 on her computer, she uses an old HP laptop (from 08) and its painful to watch her play games on that since its so out of date and everything runs choppy.

Doing a quick google on the Radeon HD 6520G says its a pile of poo for new games but runs old games just fine. (only new game she’d play is a new sims :P)


HP laptops banned for life from my household as well.

Read up on HP laptop GPU failures.
Same issue as above poster noted - design flaw and no admission or real attempts to address the issue.

The worst was the GPU debacle. They had a design flaw that didn’t cool the GPU enough and they would either de-solder or fail. HP’s solution? Deny, deny, deny. Then send a bios update that just turned the fan on all the time. Why? To keep it running long enough to last past the warranty and then die. Then they sued nVidia claiming bad GPUs were delivered and claimed damages - for all those GPUs they replaced in warranty and all those that were going to fail. HP won. Got cash from nVidia to fix. HP pocketed the money and pushed that bios fix above. Didn’t explain why it happened to the Intel and Ati vid chip laptops too.

So for those reasons - first hand experience - I let them know what I think of that by spending my money elsewhere. And especially not ever getting an HP refurb laptop.

Desktops are a whole nuther matter. I’ve had great luck with them and the price can be a good value. Minus the bloatware, but that can be minimized/removed. And easier to replace/upgrade parts than a Dell.


For a non-HP alternative, wally world has a 17" Asus that is in this price range new and is a solid performer. I use vlc and the hdmi out to a big screen tv when traveling and it is big enough to watch OTA tv with a usb dongle tuner. 400 bones.
Sorry woot. But it’s cool. We’re still friends. Hoping that dual monitor come up again.


You know, there’s an option to turn off “tap to click” on your trackpad…

Even with this option, your pointer may still move while you’re typing, but it won’t actually change the position of your cursor.