HP 17.3" Quad-Core Laptop


OK, I am seriously thinking about buying this. I am reluctant for a couple of reasons. It is not 1080. It has less than 8GB memory. Refurb I don’t mind. I recently bought the new iPad so was thinking of switching to a Mac, but with an iPhone, too, not sure if I want to go totally Apple. Any thoughts?


That was his original argument, that you just proved correct.


Unfortunately, Beats Audio is a pain – you can’t disable the core app that runs it and trying to turn it off completely mangles your sound, so you’ll never be able to just get raw, unprocessed sound to let your music players individually handle equalizing, etc.

It got so bad on my desktop that I am buying a new sound card, hopefully one that I can use the front plugs with. You won’t have that luxury with a laptop, unfortunately. :frowning:


I bought this laptop from Costco and seems that the batteries are a major defect, they just fall out sometimes. Seriously, the battery pack just falls out occasionally.

I solved the problem with a toothpick. Cut the toothpick so that it holds the battery latch in the secure position.

Other than that, it’s a pretty good buy, great sound, good graphics etc.


Anyone load Linux on one of these ?


The price is OK here, personally I think for a woot it should be priced around $425 to be a great deal. For 1080P screen you’ll need to spend about $700+. Keep looking, the deals will get better.



We just got word that All the red tape has been gone through so we can ship Lithium batteries now per the USPS guidelines.

We’ve updated this sale so Military can now order. Go buy 3.


I know the previous Pavillion DV7 series had SERIOUS heat issues. It looks like they’ve moved the headphone and mic jacks from the front to the side to cut vents in order to help with the cooling. Anyone with this newer model have any heat issues with it?


I have one, a higher spec version than is being offered here, and in general the heat is no problem. That said, if you play graphically intense games you need to put it on a non-lap surface :slight_smile: it gets hot enough to literally burn you when under high load for a while. Otherwise a vast improvement in cooling over my last laptop from 2009.


Good computer but overpriced. Got this last year for nearly $75 less and was happy with that price point. Graphics are fine. Mine came with less memory but more expansion, and a upgradable video card. Lack of Blue ray may be a killer for some buyers. Though I will say I’ve been very impressed by the performance of the machine I purchased. Betcha better deals are coming


i have the same (or very similar) model at home. bought almost 2 yrs ago. overheating issues solved with a good internal cleaning to remove dust. but the monitor is starting to go (shifts to a funky 70’s coloring every so often).


Got the A 10 locally for $100 more and many more options. Local Mom & Pop so the large buyers are getting large quantities cheaper.


I own this laptop, absolutely love it! One of the few laptop purchases I’ve made that I haven’t come to regret.

Two things worth considering though… although for most people they would be non-issues.

#1 - The hybrid video card that it uses does not play too well with most distros of Linux. So I usually drag a light-weight (this machine IS heavy!) old dell to run BackTrack on.

#2 - While this laptop has decent speakers, and a nice audio set-up… it does not have an audio input other than the microphone jack. I do a lot of audio work as well as DJing, and when working on some smaller projects it would be nice to not lug around extra equipment. It does however have two audio outputs instead… which is probably more useful to the average user.


That was me who said 1600x800 is most common for 17" laptops, not nanaejt. nanaejt was trying to claim the 1366x768 was the most common for 17".


And I see you’re a crazy person. :slight_smile:


My bad - we agree most common 17" resolution today is 1600x900. The 1366x768 is a 15.6" laptop resolution. What did you think about the sweet Newegg reference to drive that point home?


So which one is better. This one, or the one thatwas on the moofi the other day.


I bought the Pavilion dv7 one year ago and I love it!! The only issue I have is that it is rather large and very heavy. It is not the kind of laptop you want if you are bringing it back and forth to work. However, aside from the size, it is the perfect computer. Fast, reliable, large screen, large keyboard, HDMI. I have had no trouble with mine in the year I have had it.

With all that said, the price seems kind of high. I only paid $400 for mine.


Hubby bought me this exact refurb from woot about 6 months ago. It is a great machine!
Cons- Heavy- not one you wanna carry around! Keyboard is still hard for me to get used to, since it has a 10key pad on the right, (which I THOUGHT I would love…) this makes the alpha keys sit further to the left- and I still can’t wrap my widdle brain around that… still hitting the wrong keys cause I sit centered to the screen. (I was used to a little laptop before)… but These are my ONLY complaints.


Has anyone heard anything ab out when this is susposed to ship…I ordered mine over a week ago and it still has not shipped.