HP 17.3" Quad-Core Laptop



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HP 17.3" Quad-Core Laptop
$469.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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2704 on PassMark. Think I’ll pass.


Yay… A quality product from the 10th most hated company in the US of A.

**according to Yahoo… which probably deserves to be somewhere on the list


Yea, not much online but the price difference is nominal across online vendors and B & M.

Have an AMD HP DV7 refurb. Never again. Never. For the money get a decent Toshiba or spend more on a Lenovo.


Here is a link to the passmarks.

Why bother looking up all the information and not provide a cited source? Woot is a “show me” crowd so it’s always best to provide links to your examples.


I think Woot mixed up the tech.woot offer with this one. XD They have batteries over there…


what that guy said. I have had many laptops and HP /Compaq both have been piles of crap that fall apart way too fast and they will do their best to blame you if it’s under warranty so that they do not have to cover it…In theory a line in the middle of my monity caused by the way it would beand the moddle during opening and closing was caused by watter damage…who knew!!!


That’s why I bought my HP desktop at Costco - they have a private in-house tech support team. They’ve been very helpful w/glitches. Will probably get a laptop or tablet there w/my tax return.

Also both my brothers are IT dept managers at large facilities and excellent resources if I can catch them when they have a spare moment.

I figure I’m covered.


I have the sister to this one - mine has the Intel Quad Core. The Intel chip version is worth owning, AMD…not so much…


As a counter-example, my MIL had an AMD DV7 for 4 years, used daily with zero problems except that she has pets so the inside of the fan/heat sink would start to clog up with lint/dust/pet hair every few months and need to be thoroughly blown out with one of those canned dusters or it would start to run too hot.
Four years later it was still working but getting outdated, and Vista stinks, so it was replaced with a refurb AMD-based DV7-7000 series very similar to this, and so far so good.

The build quality doesn’t look as good as the business line, but actually seems quite decent, with brushed aluminum. The disk probably isn’t going to be very fast though, at 5400RPM. An SSD would help immensely.


And if the label said i7-620M or i7-2677M it would get the same scores on that benchmark but everyone would be gushing about how an “i7” is so great and that it’s plenty fast because you’re usually waiting on the disk or the network or bottlenecked on the GPU anyway…

The integrated ATI GPU on this model also appears to rank above the Intel HD 4000, which many people consider quite decent for anything up to and including light/casual gaming.


First laptop I ever bought was this $299 Toshiba I got 3 1/2 years ago. Prices have pretty much been fixed or gone up since then. Specs haven’t changed much either.

Though my plain Jane C655 was cheap, I can run virtual machines pretty good to use some legacy programs.

I’ll agree on the Toshiba nod with you.


unrelated but congratulations on 666 quality posts :slight_smile:


Not everyone is here for posts of the quality nature.


No wonder that processor core was having bad dreams in the product write up … It must be having an inferiority complex from it’s core i5 neighbors :slight_smile:


I have a Toshiba laptop, 4 or 5 years old now and I am not getting a new one anytime soon. It just works good, or as my cousin from the south says “Dat puter dun worked gooder boy”
Yes, cousing it does.
When I do go to purchase another it will be a Toshiba. My wife is on her 2nd HP/whatever they are. They suck!


I bought this in October when it had Blu Ray and 8 gig of RAM (for $519). It takes up to 16 Gig of RAM. Great desktop replacement at my office, a 2704 Passmark is fine for my purposes (law office: internet, word processing, PDF generation, electronic case filing, backups to the fast USB 3.0 ports, wireless N networking (although I use ethernet), dual monitors.

When bored I fire up Photoshop or Dreamweaver (CS6) to mess with my website without problems. Or I watch Inception for the upteenth time in Blu Ray. I never game so I never have to think about that. The ONLY downside is the resolution does not match the 1080p of my external monitor for mirroring purposes, not a problem for extended monitors purposes.

My problems have been with Dell desktops and Gateway laptops. This is my third HP/Compaq laptop. One of the HP had a DC power jack problem that was a $99 fix. Since I have a job $99 doesn’t freak me out.


I have an older model of the HP dv7. They spec out very nicely for the price, but they are poorly-constructed. I won’t be getting another HP.


The dv7 is quite a deal when new (provided you can skip on some of the upgrade “options” and buy much cheaper later). Here, you’re saving about $200 off a “new” one of same specification(A8 based).

Personally, I’d hold out for A10*, as seen here http://www.mwave.com/mwave/SKUSearch.asp?px=FO&scriteria=BE04863#.UPFXWG_oRh0 – also a refurb, but hey there apples, there’s oranges and then there’s papaya. Notebookchek’s take on the A10: http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-A-Series-A10-4600M-Notebook-Processor.74065.0.html. You can also check out the A8 there, as well.

The best hing about these, though, are the screens. I love this screen. Yeah it’s 1600x900 instead of 1080p or WUXGA, but its a nice, bright, clear display (as long as you’re not outside, or in an overly bright office)

*Ivy Bridge notwithstanding.