HP 17.3" Quad-Core Laptop

**Item: **HP 17.3" Quad-Core Laptop
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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4 Stars from Walmart

This laptop may be ‘quad core’ but that does not mean it is fast. In fact it is ridiculously slow. Like slower than Celeron’s and first generation i3s. Slower than the ultra low power consumption models even.

Check out the rank on Mobile Processors - Benchmark List - NotebookCheck.net Tech

Take a look at the Product Page for more info and docs

Everything you would ever want to know, straight from hp.com

Thanks! You just helped me reach a decision.

I just bought this model from a competing site at the same price and feel like it was a good purchase. My wife and I really hate window 8’s new home page, so I found a free program called vistart http://lee-soft.com/vistart/ that gives you a start button back. It just boots straight to the desktop and works exactly like windows 7. It has run really well with everyday office, websurfing, netflix, skype, etc. I’m unsure what the slow comment was about, but I’m using mine daily for normal things and not trying to do extraordinary things with it. It’s a good price for a good laptop in my opinion.

Good summary. Anyone expecting a workstation for this price is delusional. For browsing, office work, studying, etc, this would be an excellent purchase. And no Im not saying that because my PC is slow and I just dont understand real power. I rock a 3770k, 32gigs of gskill ram and a 680 that easily rivals 770s >.>

I have this laptop in its 15.6" form (dv6-6135dx)two years ago for $400.00. I bought it as a refurb with the same processor plus an additional videocard. It does have a self controlled turbo to 2.4Ghz, and you can replace its AM3+ socket processor with thr next level up running 2.1ghz with a 2.6Ghz turbo if I remember right. It has been a great laptop for me. I wasnt much of a gamer but the dual video cards (one on the board and one in the processory die), upgraded ram size and speed, and a SATA III seagate hybrid drive, this thing screams. I have run it overclocked to 4.2Ghz which was amazing but for lack of cooling it couldnt handle the heat. I also bought the extended battery for it, and underclocked it to 200mhz, any lower and my movies would stutter but the battery life extended from 6 hours to 18. If you want a good laptop capable of doing more than most people realize, including playing games on full detail with 8-16x anti aliasing at 30fps, get it. The deal is well worth the money. If you want to buy a laptop and expect to pay $350 for desktop performance without putting a little bit of time and love into it to make it great, you’ll be disappointed.

I’ve had a refurb for about a year. I mostly was interested in the large display, which I think is excellent. Otherwise, web browsing, terminal sessions, etc. it’s fine. Processing power is weak- not a surprise given the price point. HDMI out and bluray are pluses for me. I run Plex, and it’s generally able to transcode and deliver 720p to my Roku. I am happy having paid $450. At $350 an OK price now for what you get.

I bought a couple brand new Toshibas with the same specs at this price last year. The AMD processors are known to run hot, so you have to pay some attention to that. Otherwise it’s a pretty generic computer with a nice large screen. I think the 17 inch laptop screens are much better than the smaller ones with newer software, which tends to be graphic intensive. This would be fine for web browsing, a HS student, taking work home from the office, etc. As long as your name isn’t Ed Snowden.

Toshiba L855 bundle
I3 processor
750 Gig
4gig RAM
wireless mouse
8gig thumb drive
neoprene sleeve
Windows 8, but have it set up with an option to go to desktop, saved the .ini file when migrating the backup from Win7 in
2 weeks in, liking it just fine!

This processor in this one is a 2nd gen A8(trinity), not the 1st gen A8(llano) in your laptop.

There was also a model number shift upwards for the 2nd gen A-series chips so 1st gen A8 is similar to 2nd gen A10, 1st gen A6 similar to 2nd gen A8, 1st gen A4 similar to 2nd gen A6, so although both laptops have processors called A8s, this review is for the highest line of 1st gen A-series chips, and the woot today is for the middle line of 2nd gen A-series chips.

I have bought two of these. Perfect for my son in college as it runs Office and he can browse the web, but its not a gaming machine. The large display and number pad make it perfect for him. My wife just needs a laptop to surf the web and check e-mail. These are really good for the price, but you are not buying a fast system. I have no regrets buying these laptops as they serve their purpose well at an affordable price.

Its a good machine for normal use of basic office or web surfing but if you have to work with visual studios and trap code like I do, then stay away from this laptop. I know you shouldn’t expect much from a $350 laptop but for $425 i bought an i7 core laptop during black friday that does everything i need within a perfect time. Yes, its obviously over clocked. wow, now I Cant even remember whats the current speed as my laptop is in school right now but oh well don’t expect much from this system if you’re looking for a work station . And yes I miss the old woot too. New woot is just greedy bastards.

I bought this(HP 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop) last month, had to return it because the pointer and touchpad would not work.

Dare I try again?

Yes, I dared. Don’t fail me again, HP!

Hey all, if you want to tell how disappointed you are in us, there are many threads over on World of Woot you can join to talk about it. We read every one and cry silently into our pillows at night. [PS: I deleted some posts.]

Can we keep this thread talking about the product? Thanks!

I wonder what The Windows Experience Index is

I bought one of these. It’s a great deal and I do not regret buying it. If you are unfamiliar with Windows 8, you should reconsider. Windows 8 is drastically different from previous OS’s. It’s unnecessarily difficult. Love the computer. Hate Windows 8.