HP 17.3" Touchscreen Quad-Core Laptops

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HP 17.3" Touchscreen Quad-Core Laptops
Price: $379.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Dec 10 to Monday, Dec 15) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU Benchmark Results

CPU Benchmark

Time to learn more about the processor

too bad HP’s quality control has gone to c**p along with their customer service, not that their customer service was ever that good. I used to have pretty good luck w/ their computers though but not the last two refurbs. Bad drive in one straight out of the box then a buggy nightmare in another. And to top it off, their high end 27 monitor I bought 8 months ago - HP hasn’t released a driver for windows 8.1. Hope you are luckier than I if you buy it…

Woot used to mention that Square Trade warranties are available, but I don’t see that now. Is it possible to get a Square Trade warranty through their site?

I need a new laptop, but the out of the box overheating issues with my last HP/Compaq laptop have me concerned.

Square Trade warranty options would sway me.

Anyone know how much these are NIB? I don’t see a model number, though I’m sure I’m overlooking it at 4:30 am. yawn

Sigh… While configured like this from HP, the price is $666.99… I have to admit that the CPU is quite low-end. No wonder the price is so low, even with great memory and disk space.

Could you add a ssd to improve operating speed?

Even with the “low end” CPU, how much of an issue is this if the main use is only for school work (docs) / internet use?

The only compelling reason to grab an AMD APU is graphics. While the R3 here isn’t any better than HD Graphics in mainstream Haswells, it rightly smokes the Bay-Trail M (N35xx) and the Pentium 35xx

CPU Model: AMD A4-6210 Beema, Notebook APU
Cores: 4
Frequency: 1.8 GHz
L2 Cache: 2 MB
L3 Cache: N/A
Vcore: 0.50 - 1.40 volts

GPU Model: R3
GPU Config: 128:8:4
GPU Frequency: 600 MHz

Memory Support: DDR3L-1600
TDP: 15 watts
Released: Q2 2014

HP’s quality has always been questionable. Such low end laptops typically have a lifespan of 3 years, 4 years if needed. Whereas the high end laptops will get you 4-5 years, possibly 6. It is sometimes not worth paying the premium for a higher quality laptop. This is where HP comes in for the home user with their lower cost laptops. What usually ends up limiting the laptop lifespan is dog or cat hair getting into the processor cooling fins, causing the temperatures to raise. This is when I typically take apart the laptop, clean out the cooling fins, replace the thermal paste, and then the computer is good to go for another couple years.

The Thermal Design Power (TDP) of this processor is a mere 15 watts. I expect there will not be overheating issues. Although there might be something common in HP’s construction quality or process related to your last laptop that may continue with this one. That part I do not know.

Yes, of course. But you will need an imaging program like Acronis True Image installed on another computer to copy the original drive. Then remove the drive from the laptop and connect it to the computer with Acronis. An alternative method would be to obtain the original recovery installation disks from HP, install the blank SSD into the laptop, then recover/install the operating system to the SSD using HP’s recovery installation disks. A 240GB SSD will cost about $100, a 480GB SSD will cost about $180 - $200.

My preference is for a minimum of an A6 AMD APU for such work. The A4 model typically being below my latency patience threshold. However, this specific A4 was recently manufactured Q2 2014 and the benchmarks place it amongst older A6 APU’s. As a rule, I place the A4 as mainly for web browsing, non-work. An A6 would perform better for use beyond web browsing. With this one being touch-screen and low-end, this model is focused on web browsing, not for a student getting work done. But the 8GB of memory will sufficiently provide for application use if someone needs it for work.

Click to get to the sale’s detail page. It’s at the top of the features.


Thank you for including that screenshot. Those tabs don’t show on the mobile Woot site.

You’re right. I forgot that the SqTr widget doesn’t show up on the mobile site. You’ll need to order that part from another computer. I believe you have up to 30 days to order the warranty though.

This is not as “low end” as people are making it out to be. The passmark on this CPU is 2168 which puts it on PAR with a 1st generation I5-M450, but only using about 1/2 the power of that processor to achieve the same benchmark.

This will work perfectly fine for school work (office type applications) and 99% of everything else that most people do on a computer. It’s a decent deal that will satisfy pretty much everything you would need it to do with no issues, especially considering it comes with 8GB RAM.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an I7 with 32 GB of RAM and an SSD HD to send an email and update your facebook page.

What is the HP Model number of the product?

Can someone tell me the difference between “refurbished” and “factory reconditioned”? Is there one?