HP 17.3" Touchscreen Quad-Core Laptops

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HP 17.3" Touchscreen Quad-Core Laptops
Price: $379.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Jan 05 to Thursday, Jan 08) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to learn all about the processor

How would this laptop handle hard photoshop work and light After effects/Cinema 4D work? I have my desktop for my main powerhouse and rendering when I’m home, though I’m looking for an affordable laptop so i can work on the go and render at home later. the 8gb ram is a good start, though its hard to find an affordable laptop with a dedicated GFX card without spending a good grand or close to it…

The processor would likely start to be a limiting factor for any heavy work. It’s fairly modest in performance as indicated by the benchmarks linked to above. It’s fine for everyday stuff, but you’d likely want something faster for AE or even PS. Then again, replacing the hard drive with an SSD could perhaps speed up I/O enough to make the CPU performance a little bit less noticeable. That’s additional expense and work though.

I think in general for those applications you’d probably want a more expensive laptop, unless you’re fairly patient.

Exactly which model is this?

With factory reconditioned computers, it’s hard to give an exact model number because the batch may be a mix of models brought up to the same specs.

Windows 8? NO THANKS!.. I will never buy, or even accept for free, ANY computer with a Windows 8 OS; don’t care if I could delete the Win 8 and install another, won’t touch it, it’s that bad. I bought a copy when it first came out (over 2 yrs ago), and it is the biggest POS idea that ever came out of Microsoft. I hear they are trying to clean up their act and save face with the soon to be released Win 10 (notice they purposely skipped Win 9 intentionally to even further distance themselves from the fiasco of Win 8)… In 2013 I bought a black friday Win RT tablet at a giveaway price, and that is a POS tablet OS too… everything you hate about 8 in tablet form! BRAVO Microsoft!

I dunno, I think Vista was worse.

There are quite a few free add-ons available that will give you the start menu that you know and love.

CNet article

I’m not to keen on that start-up screen.

Junk processor…

Woah! The whole W8 hate is a bunch of overblown whining from people who don’t have the patience to take the hour-or-so time to adjust to a new interface. Everyone I know that hates W8 so vehemently, has barely used it. If you go straight to the desktop you barely even notice a difference. I can understand dislike and complaints…I agree, MS missed the mark and they obviously didn’t read their market well. But the hate is a little overblown. As a tech person and developer, I’m REALLY GLAD that a big company like Microsoft is willing to take chances with things that are new and radically different. When you take risks, sometimes you miss the mark! That’s a fair price to pay.

Regardless, I use W8 all-day-everyday at work for programming and electronics development. So I’m always switching between programs and using it as a productive tool, not just gaming or internet browsing. I like it better than W7. It’s faster, even more stable and I don’t even miss the start menu.

I will give you one BIG secret: Using search works VERY WELL in W8. You can launch programs faster and with fewer keystrokes/mouse-clicks than you could browsing through the START menu!

WindowsKey+S, type a letter or two from the name of the program you looking for, press enter and bam…

Just thought I should point out the decision to call the next version Windows 10 comes from the fact there are still a ton of info on the web about Windows 95, 98 and ME. Microsoft refers to those OS’s as Windows 9X. So they are calling it 10 to prevent from having to edit thousands of documents and pages to reflect the proper OS.

Just a little FYI

I have 3 full-size pc’s, 1 full size laptop, several tablets & smartphones. Of all these there is 1 Win 8 pc, & the 1 Win RT tab I mentioned.

I got my first pc in 1989 (DOS & 5" floppy disks), and had my own personal website in 1993.

Windows 8 is the biggest piece of crap ever, end of story… you can say I’m a whiner if you want, but you are part of the minority as the public has already spoken with their wallets.

The scourge upon mankind that Windows 8 is, will soon be history. All that will be left is deeply discounted inventory that was unfortunate enough to carry the OS.

And BTW, even DOS on 5" floppys is an improvement over Win 8.

I’ve been using computers since the TRS-80 Model I with a cassette deck.

Each new OS is usually met with derision. Windows 3 anyone?

I still think Vista was a worse rollout than Win 8.

Good feedback. Informative. Thanks!

The other night I helped a friend of my sister try and get access to their Gmail account, but I found Win 8.1 to be so awful (it was my first hands-on) - even compared to Vista - that I was surprised that Microsoft had not suffered the slings & arrows of dissent much worse than I have heard so far. It was installed on a non-touchscreen-equipped 17" Toshiba, fresh from the retailer. ALL of the Help topics and instructions are based on a touchscreen interface, and it is all dependent on having a 24x7 connection to the MS cloud.

It took a good 20 minutes to find the former Control Panel. Another 20 to find how to adjust the trackpad, which is called touchpad now and is not listed under Help anywhere in the Control Panel screen. All we wanted to do after this was to revert to Win 7 Pro or buy a Mac & Parallels.

Then trying to get into Gmail, Outlook wanted to take over everything, reinventing their usual browser interface, building it into the “MS Way”. No thank you. If MS was so incompetent in designing this OS after having had the opportunity to wise up from the painful lessons learned in the Windows world and STILL made 8.1 - which was only a stepping stone to sell WinPads - then I am sure I will never buy a Win-based machine. It is a lesson in frustration based on historically-bad experiences. No wonder why hackers have learned to hate it and abuse the world’s users of it who ignore the horrible interface and the twisted logic the designers used in making a user-unfriendly OS.

With every new release of Windows, a group of haters rises to the surface and spews.

Fast forward a few years when a new release comes out and there is an equally verbose group spewing about how they hate the new version and won’t give up their old version. Which, incidentally, is the version that was so hated just a few years ago.

Make sure you get a touch screen, upgrade to 8.1, add back the Windows Start menu with a variety of free utilities, and learn to use the interface.

If you do that, and leverage the new functionality rather than lamenting about it being different from Windows 7 or worse XP, you might find (as I have) that 8.1 and the extremely fast program access and switching, along with the awesome (if limited in configuration options) Windows 8 Mail, that 8.1 is your favorite option for a laptop.

A touch screen is a must. Willingness to learn is a must. Accepting change is a must. But I guess that not everyone holds those last two in as high regard as others.

I use startisback and win8 is accessible almost as win7 with the traditional start menu. I am using a non touch laptop