HP 17-bs00Xcy 17.3" i3, 2TB Laptop

Is the keyboard backlit?

Keyboard is not backlit. We’ll state it in the specs if so.

Do these things have an access panel to upgrade memory and hard drive without having to disassemble the whole thing? A previous HP laptop I got here died and in order to salvage the memory and hard drive I had to completely disassemble everything.

Ok, I found the instructions on HP’s website. Apparently this model does NOT have a handy service hatch, but at least the memory is facing downward so all you have to do is remove the battery, the optical drive, and the bottom of the laptop to get to it. Don’t have to disassemble the motherboard and remove all components as well. Could be worse, still a pain.

This looks like a great machine for either games or business. It has 8GB of main memory and a 2TB hard drive. I have never EVER needed that much memory or disk. I’m looking for a suitable laptop for my wife so she can work from home occasionally, and this looks like the one. A 17" screen makes it even better! As for adding more memory; WHY? Is it even possible? I currently run only 4G in my older HP Elitebook, and it has never run out of memory yet. Sometimes I think people only want it for bragging rights.