HP 17" Full-HD Intel i5 Quad-Core Laptop

HP 17" Full-HD Intel i5 Quad-Core Laptop

Brand new for an extra $50 at Costco. It would be a good senior citizen computer (big, nice IPS monitor with decent resolution) - but performance will suffer a bit due to the use of a spinning hard drive instead of an SSD. That should be a straightforward replacement, though.

I own this, bought it here in August and am completely satisfied with my purchase. It is very quiet and very fast. My spouse has the same model but with a SSD and smaller storage 256mg and honestly this computer seems faster. If the hard drive should fail at some point, I will just replace it. You can go to Device Manager and find the specs. I’ve read the reviews for this hard drive and the majority of pc builders who purchased it, are very happy with it.

I want to also add that I’ve never had a hard drive fail and I’ve owned many computers starting with my first one, windows 95. Also, the technology of this 10th gen i-5 exceeds my i-7 that I bought in 2016. I replaced that because it was an Azus with a red backlit keyboard and keys whose letters became unreadable as well as starting to stick. This HP model has much better eye appeal with a better design and it’s getting harder to find laptops with a backlit keyboard and an optical drive and it will most likely not be 17".

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I see the specs say it has an optical drive (DVD-writer, actually) and yours apparently has one, but check the pictures and maybe Woot used wrong pictures? Neither left nor right sides show a DVD drive…?

We use stock photos so make sure you go by the specs.

Unfortunately, without a service code, HP has produced so many model numbers that you can no longer get speific product specs. Instead they have a hardware manual for HP-17 by series that lists all the components you might possibly have. They don’t even have pictures, apparently. An if you are referring to the Woot listed specs, I had to return a laptop once already because even thou there was no optical drive in the pics, the specs Woot used listed one. But turned out the one I received matched the pics. Woot was very nice and provided a return shipping label at no cost to me (other than drive across town to drop it off). But I was a bit peeved because I chose it over one from another source that was about $30 more - and of course by the time the one from Woot arrived, the other one had sold.
I think someone at Woot needs to buy a camera and learn how to use it.

In a perfect world, we would do this and we did when we sold a couple a week. But we have to purchase each computer for photographs. To do photos for EVERY computer we sell at a time, we’d need a staff of photographers.

That would be mean a large mark-up for the product.

Now and then, one slips through the cracks without the correct specs. We work with customers to remedy this as best as we can.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, it has an optical drive but the picture doesn’t indicate that, just in the specs as already mentioned.