HP 17" Full-HD Intel i5 Quad-Core Laptop

HP 17" Full-HD Intel i5 Quad-Core Laptop

is the keyboard back lit

Spec list says DVD writer. Photos of laptop show no such writer. Which is correct?

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You follow the model number to HP’s website:
HP shows and says the same thing.
So it must come with a invisible DVD drive.

Probably just the wrong pics. Here it is at Walmart

Trust the specs, not the pics.

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Hi all. We use stock photos so make sure you go by the specs.

Keyboard: Not backlit per the specs.

I would have expected a decent video card and SSD at that price. An SSD is a cheap and easy upgrade, but I don’t know that a video card upgrade is possible on this machine. But after you do those upgrades, the price is getting closer to a new machine. Facotr in that this only comes with a 90 day warranty and this doesn’t look like such a great deal any more.

Is this touchscreen?

Hello. It was not. We’ll note it in the title & specs if so.

Thank you!

I got mine last time offered. The keyboard is back lit