HP 17" Full-HD Intel i5 Quad-Core Laptop

HP 17" Full-HD Intel i5 Quad-Core Laptop

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it is a pretty decent deal. 10th gen i5 CPU, 12GB DDR4, 1TB HDD. Despite what the picture shows, there is a DVD-writer on the right side of the laptop. I know some people would rather have it with an SSD, but some of us value storage space over a couple of seconds faster boot up.

If using Linux, the WiFi driver for this laptop is still under development, so you may have to use Ethernet or a USB WiFi dongle for a couple of months until the driver comes out. Everything else, including bluetooth, works fine on Linux.


Anyone know if the keyboard is backlit? Probably not since the specs don’t state it.

Specs state:

Keyboard: Full-Size Backlit island style w/numeric keypad
w/ Multi-touch Touchpad

the specs on my Woot says: Keyboard:

Full-Size island style w/numeric keypad
w/ Multi-touch Touchpad

But, but, but, that’s not possible! Seriously, that can’t happen. The internet would explode if we were seeing different things. You’re looking at this laptop?

Sorry for the confusion. These do have a Backlit keyboard. We received confirmation from our vendor and updated the listing late this morning.

Whew. Thanks for solving the mystery.

Good rating, ‘luismarengo7!’
I WAS wondering about the DVD Optical-drive aspect (contradictory picture of the computer versus its description that it includes the DVD drive)!
Nice that you confirmed that it DOES come with that built-in.
NOW, does YOUR received unit have a keyboard back-light? Others report contradictory information on that, as well.

I found, in the ‘SPECS’ tab, regarding the keyboard:
“Full-Size Backlit island style w/numeric keypad
w/ Multi-touch Touchpad.”

Alrighty all the comp nerds,( I being one … ) - I gotta ask. Do you feel this is a good value? Any complaints?
Hurry, hurry. My Hp pavilion from 2013 is beginning to freak out.

@luismarengo7 - do you feel that this is a decent model & price? - I am wondering if I should just spend more on a higher Up model,( I do photo editing ).

I didn’t know HP sold laptops without a family name (e.g. Envy, Spectre, Elite, etc). This is just HP laptop for home and business. Interesting. Anyone know what this is all about?

EDIT: Answering my own question - it seems that a while back HP started branding their lowest line, below the Pavilion series, as simply just “HP”.

Based on specs, this is a mediocre deal. 5400 RPM HDD is early-2000s technology, there is no need for 12GB RAM on this machine, and the processor is decent but not great. Onboard video is meh. For the price, I’d hold out for a machine that has 8GB RAM and a smaller PCIe/NVMe SSD with an extra bay for a 1GB SATA SSD, and upgrade when you have $100 lying around. If you’re doing photo editing, you’re going to pull your hair out waiting for things to load with this HDD, and the extra 4GB RAM won’t make a difference. I got a similar laptop for $550 about a year ago with a NVMe drive and just move photo files over when I’m actively editing. I haven’t even added the extra SSD because I can just edit and copy them to an external drive and walk away.

Also, woot has horrible support for laptops so I’d encourage slickdeals or other places that offer deals from more reputable sellers. I got a refurb laptop a few years back and it took a month and 3 emails to get a reply, before getting referred to the manufacturer, going through the call center script, then eventually getting a return/refund after 3 months. In March, my wife got a different laptop from newegg for her Christmas present.

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Mine is backlit.