HP 17" Full-HD Intel i5 Quad-Core Laptop

HP 17" Full-HD Intel i5 Quad-Core Laptop

I bought this computer and it looks and acts brand new. There’s not a mark on it. The display is outstanding. I’m very pleased.

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I’m not seeing the DVD writer door. Is this an error in the description?

Hi there. we use stock photos so make sure you go by the specs.

just got the laptop. Windows won’t activate. Says it needs to contact the organization server. Thought these came with windows activated

It definitely should have. You can contact HP (register the laptop first) to see if they can troubleshoot it for you.

Or, you can contact Woot for a return/refund.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.

I found a way to display the original windows 10 license key. Once I had that I was able to get it licensed. Just disappointed the company that refurbished it hadn’t checked it out.

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