HP 17" Full-HD Touch Intel i7 Laptop



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HP 17" Full-HD Touch Intel i7 Laptop
Price: $699.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Sep 09 to Monday, Sep 14) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Nice specs, but $$$ for a refurb. Seems like you could find an open box or wait 2.65 months for a better deal on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

[MOD: It’s Factory Reconditioned with an HP warranty.]


It’s not a refurb, build something like this on hp.com and it will be over a grand easy. Cyber Monday will get you a 720p screen with integrated graphics and half the ram for the same price.

$1199.99 for the same laptop with GTX 950 on hp.com.


yawn. My close to 5 year old laptop performs better. lots of money forcwhat is basically an i5 CPU.


Seems overpriced.


I remember when WOOT prices were so good that they would jump out at you, but those days seem to be less and less. :frowning: Maybe if I was in the high income bracket they would.


And when you had to hit f5 at midnight until new item showed, because if you waited till morning you’d find that they were sold out.


Why did you pull the Newegg Shellshocker deal I posted? Was it that much of a better offer than today’s woot, that you felt threatened?


It has NOTHING in common with today’s deal. Different brand. It was i5 vs our i7. Less memory. It wasn’t a better deal. It was a completely different computer altogether.


Never heard it before.



It was also Full-HD, it had a better videocard with 4GB of dedicated video memory, the difference between 8GB RAM and 12GB RAM would be imperceptible to about 99% of users. The I5 performance is only 10% less than the I7 in today’s woot. It may not be an exact equivalent, but it’s a better deal and similar enough that someone would consider it as an alternative to what woot was offering today.


No Finger Print Reader. Dual Core, 4 Cell Battery are definitely Not Good.
4GB Nvidia Graphics, 2x2 802.11ac WLAN are Plus.


Bought one of the earlier HP Envy M7 17" laptops on Woot and it has been the worst I’ve ever owned in terms of reliability. The hinge problem is well known, and mine broke apart the chassis within the warranty period, which was repaired fortunately, but left me without the machine for 10 days, then it lost the cooling fan and refused to boot just after warranty ran out. Paid $169 to have that repaired and was without the machine for another week. Now it is beginning to crack the case apart again at the right hinge even after being repaired. Never another HP for me!


I dunno… I think you’re smarter to avoid a particular product line (Envy), not a whole manufacturer (HP). I’ve had really solid performance from HP Elitebooks, and my current office PC is an HP ZBook 15. It’s been able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it and seems bulletproof as well.

I’ve had lemons from MANY different manufacturers over the years. New designs (and improved suppliers), as with most things, can turn an entire business around.