HP 17" Quad-Core Laptop

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HP 17" Quad-Core Laptop
$369.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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This looks great. Could this run Diablo 3 on high?

What? you guys got an exclusive contract with AMD? Put some Intel CPUs in the mix once in a while.

Are you kidding? no way in HECK. will you get this running on high. A laptop that’s going to run diablo3 on high is going to cost you at least a grand (but more likely twice as much)

22 Reviews over at Best Buy 3.4 star average.

I have a laptop with a P860 / 6370 and it runs at 1080p on mediumish settings. This is probably 10-15% more powerful sooo maybe?

EDIT This was the laptop I bought: http://www.woot.com/offers/hp-17-3-amd-phenom-ii-triple-core-laptop-with-bio-metric-lock-bluetooth-blu-ray-and-hd-led-display

The hard drive in it sucked dick. I was getting 20 fps in LoL ect. I replaced it with a SSD and bam 60-80fps no problem :D. Just so you guys know, the hard drives are pretty bad/cheap in these hp laptops.

get like an asus g75

The A6-3420M processor rates just at 2300 on Passmark CPU benchamark which makes it qualify for my minimun preferred benchmark of at least 1800 for a budget laptop CPU. Combined with the 17" monitor this ia good deal. You will be able to find comparable notebooks for the price if you really look around but all things considered this is by no means the worst budget notebook deal to show up on woot! lately.

If these specs meet your needs… I would buy it.

What? No USB3.0?

No, but it would run it decently. I recently bought a 15.6" ASUS with the next processor down (the A4) and it runs Skyrim at medium settings at about 30fps. It runs Mass Effect 1 at medium settings at 45fps. This is without any fiddling with the system by me. This HP with the A6 CPU/GPU should do a little better than that.

Also, the A-line of processors from AMD are known for being easily overclockable. I’m very happy with my A4, so while it’s nowhere near as good as a dedicated gaming machine, for a budget laptop this has very good specs and will at least allow you to play games, though not at high quality/high resolution.

ah, woot. where’s the love for intel guys?

Nope. The processor and RAM will hold you back. Video card is decent for a few modern computer games, but definitely not Diablo 3.

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Can’t find it sold on their website. Good night.

Don’t miss out on this:

If you buy a windows7 computer now (actually since june 2, for all you woot-off purchasers), you can upgrade to windows 8 for $14.99 when it comes out.

A laptop comparable under the hood (smaller screen) costs $80 more on newegg.


I had one of the MANY hp laptops that overheated and destroyed the video card. Their customer support and willingness to take responsibility for their mistakes is horrendous. I’m not a lone nut with a gripe. Checkout hplies.com or just plain google for zillions of painful stories. You’ve been warned.

Don’t listen to the others my Acer has almost identical specs and I run it on high no problems

I own this laptop. I upgraded RAM to 8GB and it’s quick. It runs Ableton, Mixcraft 6, and Sonar 8 without any problems.

Anyone know if this can do dual-monitor out via D-Sub and HDMI?