HP 17" Widescreen WXGA 3.2GHz Notebook - Loaded!


Welcome to the Woot-off item #10 topic for Friday October 22nd, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Wootbook here.


brave woman, i love you so.


hold on, brave woman. hold on.


Too much for me :evil:


good deal though


bag of crap where are you??? :?


im sometimes finding the brave woman’s antics more entertaining than the deals…


good deal though


But this one goes to eleven.

I didn’t know she did drums for Spinal Tap.


Damnit Woot! I wanted the speakers!


Aw, they killed the momentum with a huge item. Bring on the cheap shit! :smiley:


You can have one of mine. UmairK80@gmail.com


Has anyone saved all the pictures ? I’ve only caught one or two of them.


Not a bad item for the price unless u jumped on the Dell deal a few days ago!! :smiley:


Lost forums for a bit there. Needs more RAM Jim.


Is it just me or [color=violet:1d4029d702][size=18:1d4029d702]Does the Purple progress bar move BACKWARDS??[/size:1d4029d702][/color] At least it did the last time I did a refresh. And BTW my purple lights no longer flash (using Internet Exploder) … My apologies if this is answered elsewhere, I can barely get into the forums much less read all about it… :?


careful… they might give us some really cheap stuff… like ab tilts or something

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Today&rsquo;s item quantity: 30<br>Last Order time: 01:02:56 PM CST<br>Woot Member to blame: netdirect<br>Order Pace: 0m 37.87s<br>Woot Wage: $128344.12 an hour.


Still going pretty fast…Could be a 6-figure woot!-wage?