HP 17" Windows 11 Laptop with Office 365

HP 17" Windows 11 Laptop with Office 365

Will this run Elden Rings?


Is this laptop have touch screen?

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I don’t think so. The minimum requirements for the game shows 12GB of RAM. This laptop has 4GB. I don’t think the integrated graphics would work, either.

Minimum specs for the game:


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You’ll be lucky to maneuver the desktop with 4GB of RAM on a PC running Win11


touch screen ?

It doesn’t have a touch screen. It doesn’t have a graphics card. It doesn’t have a laser printer. It doesn’t have a desk. It doesn’t come with a bag of groceries. It has the things that are listed.


This is NOT a gamer laptop by any stretch of the imagination…

Windows 10/11 really need 8GB RAM for even office tasks.

This is a high school homework/small office production use only.


This is the step up from a chromebook


Pentium silver and 4 gb ram makes this a slow machine


SSD and RAM can be upgraded, but based on availability from a memory vendor, 8GB RAM is maximum supported. (At least it’s not soldered on.) At the price point, I’m surprised it comes with W11 Home and not W10/11 S mode. Big screen, but not great quality. Would want at least 300 nits and 70% NTSC.

But at least it comes a DVD-RW optical drive.


All things considered, it’s a pretty good deal. The O365 is worth at least 80 bucks. You’ll need to spend another 40 bucks for a memory upgrade, but with that you’ll have a computer that 90% of non gamers would be fine with for at home or school use. If I haven’t bought her something similar a few months ago, I would be buying this for my 75 year old mom. Windows 11 does a really good job of hiding the shortfalls of non FHD screens.


Would this laptop’s processor and ram be fast enough for mostly using internet and streaming videos?

As mentioned above its a step up from a Chromebook.

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With the screen it has, I would be hesitant given the number of sites I’ve used at work lately that barely work on a 1080p screen. This isn’t even a full HD resolution. This is 1600x900 compared to 1920x1080. It might be OK for basic stuff but I wouldn’t count on things like being able to read text in videos. On the web, you might also encounter sites where you’re stuck scrolling both up and down as well as left and right in order to navigate and read them. It might work OK for those things but it’s going to be a very rough experience. If it’s all you can access, some internet is better than none, but you’re probably going to have to work at it a bit. Even tiny cell phone screens these days are at least 1080p, and many are QHD or 4k by comparison, so there’s very little incentive for websites to be designed to work on a screen like this.

Honestly I’m not even sure I’d call this an upgrade from a Chromebook. Some of the specs are, like having Windows 11, but the screen makes this more of a jump sideways to something different rather than an upgrade. I’m sure there’s a space for this in the market, but that space is very narrow and limited.

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