HP 2.2GHz Notebook with 15.6" BrightView LED Display

The Celeron 900 processor in this is very low end, even for a budget laptop. It only scores 761 on the passmark lookup.

Two questions. Bluetooth? Webcam? Did I just pass over these or are they really missing?

This laptop seems a bit dated despite the LED display.

I puked all over my keyboard when I saw celeron.

Does this not have a webcam?

HP doesn’t fare well in Laptop Reliability ratings


4 star review rating from walmart.com

These are the cheapest looking and cheapest build quality of all HP Models, and usually you can get a new dual core of this line for about the same price.
sorry but this is not a good deal.

Is this a single core processor?

Yes, and a slow one at that

looks like the old black macbook…except for the price.

Product Website

Celeron Specs

Well…remember you asked.

Everything looked good till you read the specs and find it’s hosting a Celeron Processor. 3GB of memory and Celeron = slow response times when crunching apps. Duo Core or better needed for Win7.

There are better deals from more reputable companies than HP out there on similar systems. This Toshiba Satellite at MicroCenter is $10 less, has a slightly better processor Celeron 925 processor (878 on passmark), faster Ram etc.

I dont believe the price on this unit. Celeron is like 5 years ago. The 3 gigs of ram will bring it up to its potential but for another 50 bucks you can have an AMD dual core, a better hard drive and speed that will blow this old slow poke out of the sky.

if it was $150 I could justify it for use around the house as a lazy computer.

I made my HP restore discs and when I went to do a restore I got a message that said the restore discs were not valid for my pc, of course this was after the warranty expired. They put the wrong image for the restore info on my pc! So if you buy this, make the restore discs and make sure they work BEFORE your warranty runs out.

Should be called a netbook and not a notebook. 2.2 Celery? Good for surfing and email, not much more.

Yes they are, but it comes with a microphone built in…

But I bet this works better than those new Chromebooks. Subscription for your computer, anyone?

for the price it’s a solid deal.

for those saying you could get a much better machine for the same/less - post the links, let’s see them.