HP 2.2GHz Slimline Computer with Windows 7 Home Premium

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HP 2.2GHz Slimline Computer with Windows 7 Home Premium [Refurbished] - $289.99 + $5 shipping

1 * HP S5213W 2.2GHz, 4GB DDR2, 320GB SATA, SuperMulti DVD, Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)

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here’s the user manual page from HP

what’s a good, inexpensive monitor to go with this?

Not a bad system at all for that price. Comes with Windows 7, so no need to worry about an upgrade.

wonders if the video card supports running off a tv that i bought from woot

I almost bought this exact computer, but keep in mind that if you are coming from another PC you will most likely have to buy all new PCI/PCIE cards to fit the slimline case.

Would this make for a decent HTPC (Tivo killer)?

not a big gamer, but enjoy Pogo.com games once in a while (don’t laugh at me you hardcores), will this load the java pages fast? on my Compaq they take forever…

good price but HP + refurb stays my hand.
Nothing but heartache with all HPs I’ve ever owned.

This monitor is decent and its still available off of Deals.Woot:


"“Sempron LE-1250” very weak processor… yes it cheap re: the system, however no dual core and a weak processor as a kicker

cnet review

not really, no. processor is too weak. plus you would need to throw in a radeon hd 5xxx card for $40 to bitstream bluray

you’re better off buying a used core 2 duo rig off of craigslist or whatever.

I have 3 HP’s, one is 6 years old and been running non stop without a problem. I have a newer (1 year) Intel Quad, no problems, we deployed 1400 HP laptops at work and only 1 had a problem in 6 months. Sounds like you don’t know technology, or how to use it…

That processor is very weak. Single core one step up from P4 chips.

That there be single core. No 720p or higher video for you.

For those of you considering this refurbished desktop PC…do you remember how they field tested their headlamp last week? :wink:


But I guess that PC didn’t look like a slimline…so you’re probably ok. :smiley:

I owned a similar model in terms of specs and form factor. (HP Pavillion m9300t) Then I added another 4GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive. (I had to remove a “removable media drive” bay to fit in the hard drive…) I still own it, but it’s not too similar anymore.

This offering is is an HP which means it may suffer from heating problems. (MY HP lappie had major heat issues, but a desktop can get 'em too, especially if it’s a slimline HP)

I like the Windows 7 factor and the 4GB of memory. Good luck fitting any more hard drives in there. A graphics card would be nice, but I doubt it would fit. Even if it would fit, I’ll bet it doesn’t have enough juice in the PSU.

@Woot - Thanks but no thanks. Goodbye and Good luck!

This a $290 deal - not a powerhouse, but a great second computer. Perhaps for the kids to surf the web, or for your spouse’s home business.

Yes, I’ve posted this sort of thing before, but some Wooters seem to expect a core i7 processor with tri-channel RAM for this price - keep it real!