HP 2.2GHz Slimline Computer with Windows 7 Home Premium

As previously stated, current DDR2 prices mean little. Since DDR3 is now standard, DDR2 production is limited. It has become a specialty item. Prices during the prime DDR2 use were half what they are now.

In regards to WIndows: I wasn’t referring to retail installation keys, rather the retail value of an OEM key ALREADY tied to a motherboard. When you purchase an OEM copy from Newegg you have the freedom to install it on any ONE computer of your choosing. With this, it is forever tied to THIS machine. That drags the value down at least half in my book.

Further, you give no consideration to warranties. OEM purchased parts have only the warranty provided by HP. A new hard drive would have 3-5 years warranty. New RAM would have a lifetime warranty. This has only 90 days.

Maybe they’ve fixed the problems on these slimline models, but the ones from a couple years ago with Vista had HORRIBLE problems with overheating which killed the motherboards. HP even extended the warranties on them because of the problems. I’ve had a couple customers with dead motherboards. One of them had two motherboards replaced under the extended warranty, but that just expired in December. I would avoid these like the plague because of the reliability. Not to mention that it’s underpowered and very difficult to upgrade. No thanks!

Depends on how the program allows itself to be managed. Many programs that aren’t multithreaded will still make use of multithreading if Windows is able to properly manage its use.

Even if the program is stuck without multithreading, it will always benefit since multitasking is an inherent task to a Windows operating system. One core will be taking stress off the other to keep Windows running, which allows for more available to the game.

Also, the newer multiple core processors will often have more cache and faster hyper transport.

Multiple cores always helps in some manner.

As a side note: This processor also won’t allow you to make use of “XP Mode” in Windows 7 (no virtualization).

Actually, WalMart lists this model for $498 with an 18.5" monitor…


$200 more than this woot. Nobody’s paying $200 for an 18.5" monitor. Also, refurbished doesn’t necessarily mean used or reconditioned. Lots of times it’s a store return, repackaged, or what have you.


I love the box it includes.

Good general desktop computer…however after a year mine went belly up. After some pulling of parts (new power supply wasn’t the cure), I found that the fan had melted on the video card. It was very painful to find a replacement video card (integrated one sucked), spent an hour at Microcenter and finally found an OEM. Its back up and running as of Friday. Given the experience I would probably not buy another one.

Buyer beware - I own a computer business, and have had witnessed two of these models fry. Both were motherboard issues.

Get yourself a USB printer, then.

You obviously never tried working on a mac laptop;)

yeah these slimlines are annoying though. I gutted one and never replaced it. Sold the board and stuff, working, to my friend how needed a machine for HTPC. Nice specs, annoying design.

Why does UTAH consistently order the most krap from woot? They must have endless amounts of money that they don’t know what to do with.

Did I answer my own q?

At this price point it is disposable, use it a year or two, then dispose of it and woot again :slight_smile:

Mormons and the Jazz like affordable electronics.

Has thou experienced the joys of the All-in-ones? Or the pico-itx computers??

Same here. HP extended the warranties 'till Dec. 2009 because of motherboard problems. One of my customers had two motherboards replaced under the extended warranty. I had another one last week, but the warranty had expired. He junked it.

i just wonder…did they actually have 745 avail that they sold?? !! if not, what happens?

If we do happen to miscount on any of our sales, we will send out an email to the last however many people we’re short on expressing our condolences after having already cancelled and refunded the order (usually we’ll send an apology coupon too). I do not think you will have to worry about that on this item though.

4got 2 ask but do u ship 2 PO Box? cuz that’s what i have! Thanx, Darren

Are these gonna ship today?

We do typically ship to PO Box addresses so bring it on! :slight_smile:

On some things though we will need a physical address and we will send an email to the email address on file requesting it if it is needed so if you’re in doubt, just watch your inbox. If you hear nothing, you can breathe a sigh of relief.